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Dapper And Practical: Coboc Updates The Vesterbro E-Bike For 2023

E-bikes have the potential to offer more than just functionality; they can also embody style and aesthetic appeal. Commuting by bike can be a delightful and pleasurable experience, in addition to being environmentally friendly and beneficial for one’s health. This principle is precisely what the German brand Coboc stands for: a harmonious fusion of style and practicality.

Indeed, when Coboc launched the Vesterbro in 2015, it attracted hipsters and e-bike commuters alike. I mean, how could it not? Its stylish design gives it a retro-inspired aesthetic, while its simple yet effective tech package made it perfect for daily commuting around the city. That being said, Coboc has decided to update the Vesterbro for 2023, bringing in features that today’s on-the-go generation could appreciate even more. 

To tackle this challenge, Coboc is approaching the 2023 Vesterbro from two fronts. The first is improved customer service. Coboc technicians now undergo advanced workshop training to be able to service and repair the bikes effectively and efficiently. After all, a big part of the peace of mind we get from our vehicles is knowing that there’s support from the manufacturer in the event something does go wrong. 

The second is with the bike itself. Up until now, the Vesterbro was sold only with a tall, step-over frame. Starting 2023, the bike will be sold with a lower, trapezoidal frame, allowing shorter riders and folks with impaired mobility to step through the frame instead of over and behind it. Additionally, the bike will be fitted with a new 11-speed drivetrain, allowing riders to pedal much more seamlessly alongside the electric motor. 

Speaking of the motor, the Vesterbro is powered by Coboc’s in-house CBC01 motor. With a nominal output of 250 watts, the motor is ideal for riding within the city. However, thanks to its peak output of 500 watts, it should enable the Vesterbro to confidently climb up steep inclines. The bike is powered by a downtube-integrated, non-removable 380-watt-hour battery pack. The motor can be configured and adjusted via iOS and Android-compatible mobile apps.

In terms of pricing and availability, Coboc is offering the Vesterbro in two colors consisting of Metallic Gray and a stylish raw factory finish. Pricing is set at 4,799 Euros, or about $5,180 USD, per current exchange rates. The bike can be ordered online through Coboc’s official website, and deliveries are expected to commence in June, 2023.

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