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Elon Musk May Have Been Right, His Tesla Model Y Guess Could Come True

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said some time ago that the Model Y would outsell all of Tesla’s other cars, and by a wide margin. This came as a surprise since it’s much more expensive than the popular Model 3. The CEO went on to predict that the Model Y would eventually become the best-selling car in the world. Many people thought he was crazy, but there’s a much better chance of it actually happening than you might think.

When the Tesla Model Y first debuted, it was a bit of a disappointment to many people. The entire unveiling ceremony revolved around the history of Tesla, and the electric crossover was barely present. When it was finally shown, it wasn’t shown in great detail, and there was no look at the third row. All you could really tell was that it wasn’t much more than an inflated Model 3.

That said, the Model Y has been selling exceedingly well across the globe. In fact, it already made some top sales lists in 2022, and Tesla’s sales stand to be much stronger in 2023. While many people love to pick on Elon Musk for his wild ideas and terrible timelines, he often proves them wrong. Sure, there are some promises Musk has made that have come true very late or still not come to fruition, but many of his dreams people doubted years ago are already a reality.

If all continues to move forward as it has thus far this year, Musk could have another “I told you so” moment. 

According to Electrek, Musk said in 2016 that the Model Y would create demand for 500,000 to 1,000,000 units per year and eventually become the world’s best-selling passenger car of any kind. Keep in mind, it didn’t even come to market until 2020. In 2022, Tesla noted that the Model Y would soon keep pace with the top-selling Toyota Corolla, which sees some ~1.2 million units sold per year.

Tesla could inform us during its upcoming earnings meeting that the Model Y is already on track to become the best-selling car in the world as early as this year. It topped all rivals in China, the world’s biggest automotive market, for Q1 2023. Meanwhile, in the world’s second-largest car market, the US, early data points to the Model Y being the best-selling passenger car for the quarter.

The Model Y is also breaking sales records in many European markets, and Tesla has ramped up its production at Giga Berlin to 5,000 copies per week. Tesla is also ramping up production at Giga Texas while constantly making tweaks and upgrades in Fremont and Shanghai.

Tesla aims to produce some 1.8 million EVs globally in 2023, though Musk has said the company could possibly achieve 2 million. If everything falls into place as planned, the Model Y has a very good chance of being the best-selling car in the world. 

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