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Engwe’s New M20 Is A Rugged Scrambler-Inspired E-Bike

Recent years have ushered in electric bicycles that have blurred the lines between bike and motorcycle. One need not look further than the likes of Super73, a brand that’s widely considered a pioneer in this segment. That said, a lot of other manufacturers have taken the Super73 formula, and put their own spin. Take, for example, the new Engwe M20. 

We’ve talked about Engwe a few times before, and the Chinese company, with warehouses in the US an Europe, has been expanding steadily thanks to the growing popularity of electric bicycles. Its newest model, the M20, clearly rips a page off Super73’s book, and brings moto-inspired styling to the table. It even has a dual-battery option that can provide a total range of up to 94 miles. 

Styling aside, the Engwe M20 is rocking a 6061 aluminum frame. The motor consists of a 750-watt rear hub unit that maxes out at 1,000 watts. It pumps out 55 newton-meters of torque, meaning that it should be capable of climbing some steep hills. It’s rated as a Class 3 e-bike in the US, so its top speed is limited to 28 miles per hour. As for the battery, I mentioned that i can house two battery packs capable of providing 94 miles of range. However, on shorter trips, you can opt to carry just one battery and install a bag rack in the place of the second battery. In such case, range will be halved to 47 miles. 

Another notable feature of the Engwe M20 are its fat tires. It rolls on 20 x 4-inch rubber complete a front suspension fork giving it a rugged moto aesthetic. The stacked LED headlights add to this rugged appeal, too. To come to a stop, the bike gets basic mechanical disc brakes equipped with 160 millimeter rotors. 

On the tech front, we get a barebones LCD display that informs the rider of their speed, power level, and battery status. There are also full-coverage fenders to keep you clean on your commutes, as well as a kickstand for convenient parking. Engwe has priced the M20 extremely affordably at just $1,299 USD for the single-battery option, and $1,599 for the dual-battery version. 

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