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EPA May Launch Key Gas Car Regulations To Promote EV Adoption

According to a recent report by The New York Times, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may follow suit with regulations in many other parts of the world. If the organization’s new rules become a reality, it could be very positive for the future of electric cars on our shores. The same can’t be said about the fate of gas cars.

Reports suggest the EPA’s announcement related to the new rules may be coming as soon as this week. An anonymous source with inside information told the Times that the EPA is set to introduce some very strict regulations related to the sale of gas-powered vehicles. If it goes through, it could be much like the European Union’s Euro 7 emissions standards.

Essentially, the reported EPA rules would require that as many as two-thirds of all new vehicles sold in the US would be fully electric by 2023. The current goal is set at just 50%, and it was put into place by the Biden administration just last year.

The EPA’s goal would be to ensure that fully electric cars comprise 54-60% of all vehicles sold in the US by 2030. By 2032, the goal would bump up to 64-67%.

We’ve heard about gas car bans across the globe and even some here in the States. These are just different ways the government can try to curb the use of gasoline and move to more environmentally and health-friendly technologies.

If the EPA were to put such regulations into place, it would almost certainly increase EV adoption. According to Teslarati, some 5.8% of all vehicles sold in the US in 2022 were fully electric. With the new rules, it would account for an almost unbelievable increase between now and 2032, which isn’t really that far away.

At this point, the EPA hasn’t made any official comments, so there’s no way to know if the source’s claims are true. Even if the organization does plan to move forward with such an announcement, we’re not sure of any other details, such as how it will roll out and enforce the new regulations.

A source from the EPA did tell The New York Times that the agency is working on rules to increase EV adoption. Moreover, the organization is expected to discuss the future regulations in Detroit this Wednesday, April 12, 2023.

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