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Geely Adopts Tesla’s “Giga Press” Manufacturing Technique

Tesla has been touting its “Giga Press” machines and diecasting manufacturing technique for years now. Essentially, the automaker is able to produce EVs with just a few large structural parts by using a massive casting machine.

While it seems Tesla still isn’t using the technique for every EV and/or to its fullest potential, it has made obvious progress on the technique, which saves time and money. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has pointed out over the years that the US EV maker’s big advantage over rivals will be its manufacturing.

Tesla’s larger plan is to produce the vehicles using the Giga Press machines and integrate the battery pack directly into the structure of the car itself. This would do away with the current “skateboard” style battery pack setup. Tesla says it reduces weight, makes its cars safer, and allows it to produce them more quickly with reduced costs and fewer potential bottlenecks.

With all of that said, Chinese automaker Geely has plans to follow Tesla’s lead, using a similar diecasting manufacturing technique for its Zeekr 009 MPV. The vehicle is a multi-purpose electric van that can seat up to six people.

Geely’s manufacturing technology chief for the Zeekr, Jiang Kehong, has already confirmed that Geely is using the diecasting method to produce aluminum parts for the MPV’s underbody. This follows a similar concept to the Tesla Model Y. The executive shared:

“In the future, Zeekr will use giga-casting technology on more models.”

Kehong went on to explain that the use of the “Giga Press” has allowed for the elimination of about 800 welding points and cut defects in the Zeekr passenger van. It has also helped reduce the vehicle’s weight while making its structure stronger and improving its ride quality.

Several other automakers are already planning to employ a similar technique, including General Motors, Hyundai, NIO, Toyota, and Volvo. In fact, these manufacturers have reportedly inquired about Giga Press-type machines for their factories, and some may already have access to them.

According to Teslarati, Toyota will use a machine similar to Tesla’s Giga Press to produce many upcoming EVs. Meanwhile, GM is using the technique for its flagship Cadillac Celestiq electric car. Check out a walkaround of the Geely Zeekr 009 MPV below, then head to the comment section and share your thoughts.

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