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Hyena’s New E-Road Air Is A Compact Drive System For Lightweight Road Bikes

Hyena, a Taiwanese manufacturer, has gained recognition for its e-bike systems. These systems have been increasingly adopted by e-bikes worldwide, establishing the brand’s presence in the market. In a continuous effort to enhance their offerings, Hyena is currently developing a cutting-edge motor specifically designed for lightweight road bikes, known as the E-Road Air.

The latest E-Road Air drive system represents a significant advancement compared to its predecessors. The newly introduced MRC-A150 motor stands out by being 40 percent lighter and 10 percent more compact than its previous counterparts. What does this mean in the real world? Well, you get a motor that’s both compact and lightweight. The MRC-A150 has a casing that measures just 112 millimeters, and an impressively light weight of just 1.3 kilograms. 

This brings us to the topic of performance. It’s important to note that the E-Road Air system is designed for use on performance-oriented, for-sport e-road bikes. As such, power output isn’t of top priority, and instead, pedal feel and a compact design take the priority. This is indeed the case with the MRC-A150, as it has a nominal output of just 150 watts and 30 Newton-meters of torque. 

As for the battery, there are a lot of possible configurations to choose from, but Hyena advertises the E-Road Air system with a slim and compact 250-watt-hour battery pack. As a result, the entire system – battery, motor, and controller – tips the scales at just 3.2 kilograms. For folks looking for extra range, there’s an optional 1.3-kilogram, 180-watt-hour range extender that fits snugly into a water bottle holder. 

In terms of complementary technology, the E-Road Air system is bundled with a smartphone app that allows users to configure settings on the go. Of course, the system is equipped with a torque sensor that returns extremely smooth pedal response tailored to every pedal stroke. 

Indeed, all that tech seems really impressive, and from a brand that’s been gaining quite a lot of traction at that. At present, Hyena’s systems can be found on bikes from Trek, Diamant, Cannondale, and Electra. It goes without saying that the same brands could potentially benefit from the new E-Road Air system. With all that on the table, we’ll have to wait until the 2023 Eurobike trade fair scheduled for June 21 to 26, 2023, in Frankfurt, Germany, for the official unveiling of the new e-bike system. 

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