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Kia EV9 Spotted In Two Different Variants On US Roads

While Kia already officially revealed the EV9, it’s still interesting to see copies out testing in the wild. It sort of makes the prospects of the launch more realistic, and gives us an idea of what these sizable electric SUVs will look like among traffic.

YouTube channel KindelAuto recently published the video above, which shows a few different versions of the Kia EV9 being driven on public roads in the US. The channel notes that they’re not wearing camo, but this comes as no surprise since the South Korean SUV’s design is no longer a secret.

It wasn’t that long ago that EVs were primarily smaller cars with polarizing design cues and a general lack of practicality. At the time, it wasn’t uncommon to hear people refer to them as golf carts, and it’s no surprise folks thought they were a niche product that was a temporary fad.

Fast-forward to the present and there are EVs of all shapes and sizes, and many perform better and offer more practicality than rival gas-powered cars. That said, larger EVs are still few and far between, since fitting them with a large enough battery pack to offer an acceptable driving range is a challenge, not to mention expensive.

Electric pickup trucks just finally came to market somewhat recently, though the only full-size model is the Ford F-150 Lightning. Meanwhile, the Tesla Model X was the only fully electric three-row SUV on the market for many years. The Tesla Model Y joined its larger sibling by offering an optional third row, but it’s only suitable for small kids. Rivian makes the three-row R1S premium SUV, and Ford’s CEO Jim Farley just committed the automaker to eventually producing an all-electric seven-seat family hauler.

Farley noted that there are already too many two-row electric crossovers on the market, and more are on the way. While pickup trucks and three-row SUVs may not be very popular globally, they’re all the rage in the US. If Kia sees even a percentage of the Telluride’s success in the upcoming EV9, it will be a huge hit in the segment.

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