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New Yamaha Booster Puts A Funky Spin On Commuter E-Bikes

Yamaha is a Japanese company that’s best known for producing top-notch musical instruments and sound equipment. The brand also makes some of the best motorcycles the world has ever seen. Naturally, such a dynamic company wouldn’t be one to be left behind in the rapidly growing e-mobility sector. 

Indeed, in recent years, Yamaha has been teasing its electric endeavors, with the brand already releasing some of its electric scooters in key markets. The brand also has performance-oriented electric bikes such as the Moro 07, Wabash RT, and the Crosscore RC. This time around, Yamaha enters the commuter segment with the launch of the new Booster range of electric bikes. 

The Yamaha Booster is sold in two trim levels: the Booster Easy and the Booster. The Easy version is a standard electric bicycle with a top speed limited to 15 miles per hour. Meanwhile, the Booster is classified as an S-Pedelec, and has a top speed of 28 miles per hour. This does, however, mean that the Booster requires license and registration to be ridden on public roads. 

As such, chances are that the Booster Easy will appeal to a wider audience. It’s powered by Yamaha’s PW S2 electric motor with a max output of 75 Newton-meters of torque. Yamaha’s PW S2 electric motor not only powerful and efficient, but also very lightweight at just 2.85 kilograms. In the seat tube of the step-through frame, a 630-watt-hour battery pack is housed, and is capable of returning anywhere between 45 to 75 miles of range on a single charge, depending on assist level and riding conditions. 

In terms of technology, the Yamaha Booster makes use of an innovative step-through frame with a honeycomb design throughout the downtube. Instead of a tubular aluminum frame, this type of frame allows Yamaha to make the bike lightweight without compromising its structural integrity. The bike also features a compact 1.7-inch LCD instrument panel that informs riders of pertinent data such as range, speed, assist mode, and distance traveled. 

Yamaha’s new Booster model was designed completely in Europe, and conforms to European legislation for both e-bikes (Booster Easy) and S-Pedelecs (Booster). That said, Yamaha has yet to announce pricing and availability for the new models. We do know, however, that they’ll be offered in two colors consisting of Cyan Solid Aqua and Tech Graphite.

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