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Petite JackRabbit Micro E-Bike Is Big On Fun And Practicality

Electric bicycles of today are all about practicality and integration with other forms of transport. A lot of manufacturers produce folding e-bikes that are lightweight and compact specifically so they can be carried onboard buses, trains, and easily in the back of even a small car. That said, no other brand has been able to match the portability of the e-bike we’re talking about today, simply because this bike can be taken on an airplane. 

The bike in question is the JackRabbit micro e-bike. When it comes to portability, this bike ticks all the boxes. It’s lightweight, weighing in at just 11 kilograms, and folds down to a miniscule seven inches wide. This means even smaller folks can easily carry the JackRabbit with one hand, and still have room to spare to carry their bags, open doors, and do other things hands normally do. 

In terms of battery tech, the JackRabbit has such a robust, safety-focused battery that it has received FAA certification. This means that you can check it in your flights, thereby saving you the hassle of having to book a cab or find a ride when you reach the airport of your destination. As for performance, the JackRabbit is by no means a slouch. It’s packing a 300-watt electric motor giving it a top speed of 20 miles per hour. There aren’t any pedals to deal with, so the JackRabbit is ridden like a standard scooter, while offering some stability like that of an e-bike.  

The bike features an aluminum alloy frame and rolls on 20-inch all-terrain tires. It comes to a stop with a single mechanical disc brake clamping fown on a 180-millimeter rotor mounted on the rear wheel. Best of all, it’s super affordable, with a price tag of just $999.99 USD. 

There’s no denying that the JackRabbit micro e-bike flaunts an ingenious design, so ingenious, in fact, that another e-bike brand seems to have imitated the design. Seattle, Washington-based e-bike specialist Himiway recently unveiled the Pony e-bike, a bike that is pretty much identical in essence as the JackRabbit. Now, whether this was intentional or a mere coincidence isn’t exactly clear, but JackRabbit has gone ahead and filed a lawsuit against Himiway for patent infringement among other things.

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