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Rivian To Add Dashcam Feature, Towing Improvements Via OTA Updates

Rivian will release two software updates in the following months that will make the life of R1S and R1T owners a bit easier.

The first over-the-air (OTA) software upgrade will enable the drivers of the aforementioned EVs to use the video cameras fitted to the vehicles as integrated dashcams, similar to the feature found on Tesla vehicles, known as Teslacam.

According to Wassym Bensaid, Rivian’s Head of Software Development, this update will be rolled out by the end of the month, adding that he already has it on his own car.

This will make Rivian’s commercially-available models more appealing to users who like to record their trips, allowing them to do so without extra cameras that often leave wires hanging inside the car. With this upcoming update, the R1S and R1T will make use of the cameras that are already fitted to record the surroundings and traffic.

Speaking during Rivian’s latest Q&A at the company’s Venice Hub in California, Bensaid spilled the beans regarding another upcoming feature that has been one of the main gripes of EV drivers who like to tow, and that’s the inability to use the rear-view camera to monitor a trailer while driving, as the Ford F-150 Lightning can.

During the small gathering (video embedded at the top of the page), he said that this and other towing-related features will be released by the end of the summer as part of a bigger OTA software update that has to do with the cameras fitted to the R1T and R1S, but he stopped short of revealing more details about this software version.

Instead, Wassym Bensaid offered an explanation as to why the rear-view camera can’t be used while towing, and it’s because the camera itself is different from all the other cameras mounted on the vehicle. It has to do with regulations regarding rear-view cameras, but he said that with this towing-related upgrade, things will be better.

However, with this being said, the physical location of the camera lens will still be the same – lower and at an angle, compared to the Ford F-150 Lightning – which isn’t ideal for hitching up a trailer while relying solely on the rear camera.

As a reminder, the Rivian R1T pickup can tow up to 11,000 pounds, while the R1S SUV has a towing rating of 7,700 lbs.

Other features that will be included in future software releases are as follows:

  • Towing profiles
  • Integrating text messages on the screen
  • Activating cameras via blinker
  • Navigation improvements to support adventure planning
  • Valet mode
  • More entertainment apps
  • Holiday modes

As always, we’d like to know what you think about this, so head over to the comments section below to tell us your thoughts.

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