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Tesla Reveals Cybertruck-Inspired EV Charger In China

Tesla China has released the first photo of a new, Cybertruck-inspired domestic EV charger which was previously teased under the Cybervault name.

The news came via the company’s Weibo account, where the description fails to mention any specifications, adding that more info will come in two days (the post was published on April 1). The original description translates something like this (via Google Translate):

“Inheriting the design aesthetics of Cybertruck, the unique painting and sandblasting process restores high-purity colors, and the ‘silver box’ shines brightly. Cyber power-up, hard-core departure. Tesla new charging product launch countdown: 2 days.”

Yes, that sounds exactly like something out of an Aliexpress or Wish listing, but even so, we can expect Tesla’s new home charger to have at least some surfaces sandblasted before being painted in so-called high-purity colors.

More details are yet to come, with previous rumors about the Cybervault saying that it might be an energy storage product akin to the Powerwall or maybe the Chinese version of Tesla’s V4 Supercharger station. However, now it looks like it’s actually a wall charger intended for home use.

Despite only selling four mainstream models, Tesla seems to have an eye for cool accessories and other related products, and this hyped-up launch of a seemingly ordinary home charger is no different, with the post going viral overnight in China.

The American EV maker recently launched a Cybertruck-inspired beer called GigaBier in Europe, where it’s selling a three-pack for roughly $97 (89 Euros), so making money out of related products comes rather easy for the Elon Musk-led company.

Tesla shipped almost 400,000 locally-made Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in China between January and November of last year, and recently it introduced the 2023 Model S and Model X in mainland China, so selling a bespoke home charger for this region makes sense because it’s something extra, something special just for them.

As for the Cybertruck that apparently inspired the design of the wall charger, its development seems to be on the right track, with many prototypes being spotted nearly every week and with Elon Musk recently saying that he walked the production line in Texas for several hours, hinting at the imminent start of assembly for the much-anticipated electric pickup truck.

As always, we’d like to know what you think about this, so head over to the comments section below and write away.

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