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Tesla Supercharger Network Reaches 5,000 Locations Globally

Tesla has announced that it is now operating 5,000 Supercharger sites across the globe, after expanding in key markets such as Japan, where the company is trying to convert locals to buy into its vehicles.

The milestone was published on the official Tesla Charging Twitter account, where the EV maker posted two photos to illustrate how the Supercharger network has expanded since its inception – from just a handful of locations in the United States to 5,000 locations in multiple countries.

The announcement comes after Tesla released last year’s Impact Report, where it disclosed that the average uptime of Supercharger sites amounted to 99.95 percent (marginally lower than the 99.96 percent in 2021, but higher than in 2018-2020). In the 2022 Impact Report, Tesla entitled the part about reliability as “Chargers that just work.”


Compared to the first three months of the year, the Supercharger network has grown by at least 53 stalls globally, seeing how during the Q1 earnings call it was disclosed that Tesla was operating 4,947 Superchargers locations globally at the end of March.

According to the earnings call deck notes, Tesla installs an average of ten stalls per site, which is more than double the industry average. This is most probably due to the ease of installation of the company’s prefabricated Supercharger units, which come with stalls mounted on a concrete slab and grid connectivity-ready electrical components.

Besides the 5,000-site milestone, Tesla’s Japanese Twitter account announced on the same day that the company now has 300 Supercharger sites operating in the country.


In related news, the American EV company led by Elon Musk is charging forward with its quest to open up its network to other brands of electric vehicles. In China, Australia and several countries in Europe, the pilot program has been up for several months, but the Magic Dock-equipped stalls deployed in the United States are still few and far between. However, it’s expected that Tesla will open more locations in the US, as it has the potential to bring in more revenue from owners of EVs other than Teslas.

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