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Unlike Tesla Cybertruck Prototype, Cybervault Is “Steel Ball Proof”

We recently shared a few stories with you about Tesla’s Cybervault. At first, no one was quite sure what Tesla was teasing. Later, the company revealed the new Cybertruck-inspired EV charger in China. Since then, it has come to our attention that Tesla made a mockery of the years-old incident related to the Cybertruck’s “armored glass” windows and Franz von Holzhausen’s steel balls.

If you follow the space, there’s a very good chance you remember when Tesla’s Chief Designer threw heavy steel balls at the Tesla Cybertruck and they shockingly broke the windows, which were supposed to be bulletproof. While some folks argued that Tesla may have planned the stunt on purpose to get attention, others felt it was actually a mistake. Either way, Tesla will never live it down, so why not continue to poke fun at it?

Below is the official video showing off the Cybervault home-charging system:


As you can see, after making it very clear that it has everything to do with charging, the focus switches to the system’s durability. We see it sprayed with dust and splashed with water before various objects hit it and bounce off. Tesla China shared the following details about the new product:

“Tesla CyberVault charging pile is a single-phase 220V charging device, compatible with all Tesla models, and the corresponding charging performance is 32A/7KW. The length of the charging cable is 6 meters, which supports plug-and-play charging, scheduled charging/departure on time and other charging experiences.”

There’s no text or dialogue in the video, and nothing specifically mentioned about the Tesla Cybertruck, Chief Designer Franz, or the incident with the steel balls. However, the same Twitter user, Tesla Mania (@Tesla_Mania), added another tweet after making a notable discovery. It seems Tesla poked fun at itself by having Franz’s steel balls hurled at the Cybervault:


After the Tesla Cybertruck presentation from years ago, it was also revealed by CEO Elon Musk that Franz had previously tried to smash the electric pickup truck’s windows with a sledgehammer. Musk said perhaps the hammer weakened the Cybertruck’s glass with superficial breaks that could have caused it to shatter from the impact of the steel ball. There’s also such a hammer in the video above. 

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