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Volta Trucks Debuts Class-7 All-Electric Truck In The US

Swedish all-electric startup Volta Trucks will officially enter the United States market this year with a series of zero-emissions medium-duty trucks known as the Volta Zero, initially with a trial Pilot Fleet of Class-6 and Class-7 rigs in late 2023, followed by US-spec production vehicles in 2024.

To highlight its American debut, Volta Trucks will present a Class-7 Zero design-verification prototype at this year’s Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Anaheim, California, which runs between May 1-4.

The Class-6 and Class-7 vehicles are the equivalent of the European 16-ton rigs and will be available with an ambient or refrigerated cargo box, powered by the company’s e-Axle that embodies the electric motor, transmission, and axle in one single unit supplied by Michigan-based Accelera (which is a division of Cummins).

The high-voltage batteries are sourced from California-based Proterra and are located within the truck’s chassis rails, which is the safest possible location, according to Volta.

Considering all of Volta Truck’s models are specifically designed for urban logistics, the driving range isn’t exactly record-setting, but it should be more than enough for in-city deliveries. Volta says that the Class-6 and Class-7 vehicles, which will be the first available in the US, will deliver between 95-125 miles (150-200 kilometers) of range, depending on the battery setup.

After the launch of its biggest vehicles, Volta plans on introducing two additional models in North America – a 19,500-pound Class-5 truck and a 26,000-pound Class-6 rig, equivalent to the European 7.5- and 12-ton vehicles – in 2026.

The company says that these will look very similar to the Class-7 model, with the biggest difference between them being the longer chassis and body, as well as a second set of rear wheels and tires to accommodate for the increased vehicle payload in the case of the Class-6 truck.

“I’m delighted to be able to show the all-electric Volta Zero in the important US market, at ACT Expo in California,” said Essa Al-Saleh, Chief Executive Officer of Volta Trucks. “We’re building on the key learnings from our European launch, where we’ve developed at speed and scale, with deep understanding of our customers’ needs, to accelerate the transition to electric commercial vehicles and help decarbonize city centers. The US faces the same safety and sustainability issues we are addressing in Europe and is a significant market opportunity for us. This marks the start of our journey in the US, and we are excited to bring road-certified vehicles for US customers to evaluate later this year.”

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To ease the transition towards an all-electric fleet, the Swedish truck maker plans on implementing its Truck as a Service proposition, which effectively means that the vehicles won’t be owned by its users but rather used for a monthly fee that includes all the servicing, maintenance, finance, insurance, and training requirements.

Additionally, the EV manufacturer will open so-called Volta Trucks Hubs for vehicle service and maintenance, which will be located close to its customers’ own logistics centers. The company employed the same approach in Europe, where it opened hubs in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain.

Built by Steyr in Austria, the Volta Zero truck features a central driving position and a wraparound glasshouse, maximizing visibility and subsequently safety. The urban rig also has sliding doors on both sides of the cab, so that the driver can always get out on the sidewalk without potentially hitting cyclists or pedestrians.

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