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Director General: “Brazil Needs Nuclear and Nuclear Needs Brazil”

At the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the National Congress, the Director General emphasized nuclear energy’s growing global importance – and the importance of Brazil to the nuclear debate. “As we face the challenge of climate change, the key role of nuclear energy is set to grow and Brazil is uniquely situated to take full advantage of this. The IAEA is ready to help. 

“A global energy debate without Brazil makes no sense. A global nuclear debate without Brazil makes no sense,” he added. 

Brazil currently has two operating nuclear power reactors and a third under construction. The country’s 2050 national energy plan indicates that it could add 10GW of nuclear in the next 30 years, which is enough to provide power for about 10 million people, with a possibility to include Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) in their energy mix after 2030. 

Mr Grossi spoke with Minister of Mines and Energy Alexandre Silveira about the positive way Brazil nuclear sector is advancing, from energy generation to research.  

“The IAEA encourages the continuous development of the fuel cycle in Brazil, given its potential to become a key actor in the nuclear sector production chain. These developments are crucial for strategic growth and energy security in the country,” said the Director General.  

He also addressed the Brazilian Nuclear Program Development Committee, chaired by Head of Institutional Security Cabinet Minister Amaro. Mr Grossi highlighted the critical role of nuclear energy for Brazil’s economic growth and future decarbonization plans. The Director General conveyed the same message when meeting with Defense Minister José Mucio Monteiro. 

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