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2023 RE+ Exhibitor Preview: See you in Las Vegas!

RE+ returns to Las Vegas this year and boasts two casino floors of exhibits. To help you prioritize your stops or fill you in if you can’t make it to Sin City, we’ve got a roundup of dozens of new products and services that will be on display at the show.

Team SPW will be on the ground reporting on these and other sights September 12 and 13, so stay tuned here on the website and social media for all our updates.

Aerocompact • Booth 652

The COMPACTFLAT SN 2 is a cost-effective solution with a high load-bearing capacity and resistance to extreme weather conditions. The system attaches to flat roofs in just a few simple steps and can support large-scale solar panels. Aerocompact will be introducing more variants of the SN 2 by the end of the year.

Aggreko • Booth 20113
Project commissioning help

Visitors to Aggreko’s booth, the world leader in the supply of temporary power, can learn about all aspects of the renewable energy project commissioning process, such as meeting commitment dates, achieving key milestones and ensuring eligibility for financial incentives, as well as the company’s grid emulation solutions and energy storage.

Ampt • Booth 1746
Ampt i50 String Optimizer

Ampt’s i50 String Optimizer is the next-generation DC/DC converter to lower the cost and improve the performance of large-scale PV plants and DC-coupled energy storage systems. Key features include 70-kW output; flexible wiring to maximize tracker utilization; full power delivery at a high, fixed-voltage; string-level MPPT and wireless monitoring.

APsystems • Booth 4155
APstorage ELS 5k and 11.4k PCS Battery Charger

The APstorage ELS 5k and 11.4k PCS battery chargers, together with compatible low-voltage APstorage batteries (or battery of your choice), are an ideal AC coupling solution for residential applications to secure critical loads and maximize energy savings. The system features intelligent power conversion with automatic energy management and monitoring.

Best Company for Business • Booth 16086
Referrals Module

The Referrals Module automates the referral generation process. API and webhook integrations trigger the referrals engine without a rep doing anything. We’ll take care of the outreach and nurture until there’s a warm lead waiting for you. Monitor your referral program’s ROI with a dashboard outlining conversions, payouts and CAC.

Bluetti Power • Booth 20074
EP800 & B500 Energy Storage System

Bluetti’s EP800&B500 ESS features power at 7.8 kW and a maximum of 9 kW solar input. Its modular design allows homeowners to customize its capacity from 9.92 kWh to 19.84 kWh. With EP800, homeowners can make the most of solar power and enjoy uninterrupted energy during outages.

Boviet Solar • Booth 2445
Vega Series

Boviet Solar introduces the new n-type TOPCon 550W-580W Vega Series mono-bifacial double-glass PV module with module efficiency 22.45% and cell efficiency 24.0%~24.5% for C&I and utility-scale solar applications. The new PV module provides high-power generation, better efficiency and enhanced reliability.

Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions • Booth 5554
Energy Storage System Packages

Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions will unveil its new Energy Storage System (ESS) Packages at RE+ 2023. The ESS Packages offer installers a simplified, integrated solution that makes it easier to scale power and energy storage capacity to meet the requirements of any installation — whether that’s grid-tied, off-grid or backup power.

Chint Power Systems • Booth 2521
CPS Breaker Box

CPS is launching the 800-V Breaker Box to address the scarcity challenges of 800-V BOS. Designed for CPS 250/275kW three-phase string inverters, the Breaker Box includes three 800-VAC circuit breakers, enabling a cost-effective solution for combining the AC output of the 250/275-kW inverters and providing individual overcurrent protection.

Crown Battery • Booth 5548
100% Renewable Energy-Manufactured Crown1 AGM Batteries

Sustainable, safe, scalable and simple to install — Crown1 batteries are 99% recyclable and robotically welded by the industry’s only EPA Green Power Partner. Field-tested on six continents and Central Asia’s largest microgrid, U.S.-engineered and manufactured with 3D prototyping, 250+ quality inspections. High surge capacity powers on when other chemistries load-shed.

Duracell Power Center • Booth 5724
Max Hybrid 15

Experience uninterrupted power with Duracell Power Center’s Home Ecosystem and the new Max Hybrid 15. Designed for residential and commercial use, this advanced inverter provides seamless electricity flow during outages.

Eaton • Booth 3155
EV Charging Busway

A game-changing new approach simplifying EV fleet charging by eliminating costly cable runs and major modifications to existing parking and conveyor structures. The overhead EV Charging Busway enables fleets to expand and reconfigure infrastructure with no concrete work required — often the biggest cost when deploying EV charging for fleets.

EcoFasten • Booth 1452
UltraGrip Technology

UltraGrip Technology is an integrated flashing system that uses flexible foam to flash the roof and is featured in EcoFasten’s RockIt Smart Slide and ClickFit Smart Foot products. This patent-pending technology is a non-metal flashing solution that eliminates the need to pry up shingle courses to install traditional flashing.

Electriq Power • Booth 3373
Sustainable Community Networks

Electriq Power provides turnkey intelligent energy storage and management solutions for homes and small businesses. Electriq’s solutions deliver always-available, low-cost clean energy, even during intermittent outages and inclement weather, enabling cities, municipalities and utilities to provide their constituents with sustainable, resilient sources of energy, regardless of socio-economic status.

Energy Toolbase • Booth 5217
Acumen EMS

Energy Toolbase’s Acumen EMS controls software utilizes behind-the-meter value streams to maximize revenue for energy storage projects by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to forecast and operate your energy storage systems optimally. Built to augment asset value, Acumen EMS controls software is best-in-class technology coupled with industry-leading domain expertise.

Fluke Corp. • Booth 7605
Fluke SMFT-1000 Multifunction PV Tester and I-V Curve Tracer

The Fluke Solar Multifunction Tester 1000 is an all-in-one test solution to verify PV system performance and safety. Designed for PV professionals that provide installation, commissioning and maintenance services to systems that operate at 1000 VDC, the SMFT-1000 increases productivity by cutting down installation and documentation time.

Great Power Battery • Booth 5153
320 Ultra Battery Cell

New li-ion battery has almost 15% more energy in the same footprint as the industry standard 280Ah. Designed for 20+ years of safe, high-performance operation, the 320 Ultra reduces LCOE by cutting down on associated electrical, thermal, mechanical and civil components, thereby also decreasing related maintenance.

Growatt New Energy • Booth 3730
MIN-US inverter

Discover Growatt’s residential energy solutions, featuring the MIN-US inverter and APX HV modular battery. Experience superior flexibility with programmable energy management modes and modular battery optimization, combining battery packs of varying states of health. Achieve energy independence with Growatt’s latest innovations, delivering unmatched energy yields for your home.

HellermannTyton • Booth 719
Golden Row Kit

Solar installers: HellermannTyton’s Golden Row Kits simplify the most important phase of the PV wire management process — planning. Each kit contains the parts and expert insights tailored to specific module and tracker combinations. It’s like we did your homework and put it in a box.

Hoymiles • Booth 4121
HYS-LV-USG1 series

Hoymiles single-phase hybrid inverter HYS-LV-USG1 series is an integral component for solar backup power. The inverters cover a power class from 3.8 kW to 11.5 kW and support both DC- and AC-coupled systems. They can be paired with batteries and generators to power your home day and night.

IMO • Booth 5559
Energy Storage System Shutdown Disconnects & Initiators

We’re excited to offer two solutions for the new NEC 2023 disconnection/initiation requirements. Our push-button disconnect offers 1NO & 1NC contact with outdoor ratings, while our two-pole, NEMA 4X, lockable, taggable disconnect provides low voltage control up to 2 amps and comes with our market-leading five-year warranty.

JinkoSolar • Booth 2502
EAGLE G6 Module and EAGLE Energy Storage

The EAGLE G6 modules with TOPCon cell technology feature record-breaking cell efficiencies of over 26%. EAGLE G6R (Residential): 440 W. EAGLE G6B (Bifacial): 585 W. The EAGLE Energy Storage platform offers best-in-class energy density and safety features. EAGLE DCB is designed for a variety of C&I and utility applications. EAGLE RS is a fully integrated residential solution. Both feature LFP battery technology.

Kinematics • Booth 538
Kinematics ONE

Kinematics ONE is a complete actuation sub-system combining Kinematics drives, motors and intelligent controls, all in an easy-to-integrate-and-commission package. Kinematics ONE’s motion intelligence is the easiest way for solar structure providers to deliver complete bankable tracker offerings to market, eliminating the need to be actuation experts.

LS Energy Solutions and ACE Engineering • Booths 5362 and 17114

At RE+, LS Energy Solutions in conjunction with ACE Engineering will present a full-scale model of LS-ES’ all-in-one AiON-ESS energy storage system — the company’s flexible, modular AC energy storage solution for one-hour and two- to six-hour applications. Visit both booths to learn about the AiON family of products.

Lumin • Booth 20004
Lumin Smart Panel and Lumin Edge

Lumin’s versatile “Control What Matters” approach delivers the only universally compatible, retrofit-ready load management platform on the market. Lumin grants comprehensive energy control, enabling whole-home backup, electrification, scheduling and demand response participation. The smaller, modular Lumin Edge is poised to play a vital role in the equitable transition to mass electrification.

OMCO Solar • Booth 3453
Trackers and Fixed Tilt Solutions

OMCO Origin One-In-Portrait and Two-In-Landscape Bifacial Trackers are primarily constructed of galvanized steel and cast aluminum. A balanced design allows for accurate targeting and reduced energy consumption. All mounting solutions are domestically manufactured and roll-formed parts are 100% U.S. steel. OMCO provides short lead times with five U.S. manufacturing plants.

Panasonic • Booth 4125
EVERVOLT Home Battery System

Panasonic is introducing the next generation of residential solar and battery storage. Its best-in-class EVERVOLT panels and home batteries work together to provide homeowners decades of sustainable electricity and energy savings. All covered by an industry-leading warranty that’s guaranteed by a company you know you can trust.

Panduit • Booth 7201
Nylon 612 Cable Ties

Panduit Weather Resistant Nylon 612 Cable Ties offer high resistance to UV light and corrosive elements, ideal for harsh applications. It is designed for solar applications, delivering consistent performance and reliability. The robust material ensures stable hold-in position for cable work, guaranteeing wide application use, including high wind and vibration.

Phoenix Contact • Booth 3448
NextWeather weather station

The Phoenix Contact NextWeather weather station meets the demands of utility-scale solar arrays. Coupled with Phoenix Contact’s SolarWorx libraries, NextWeather can automatically identify a variety of solar and meteorology sensors, including pyranometers, temperature, wind, humidity, precipitation and more. NextWeather meets all Class A requirements, so accuracy is assured.

PVpallet • Booth 7539
PVpallet Series X.L

PVpallet Series X.L extends the base of Series X to meet the needs of the growing solar market. This solution provides a collapsible, reusable pallet for 90-in. solar modules with a 5:1 return ratio. Protective sidewalls and a load management system reduce product breakage and increase safety and efficiency.

PXiSE • Booth 3873
Grid Control Technology

Visitors to the booth for PXiSE Energy Solutions, a member of the Yokogawa Group, will learn about the company’s next-generation grid control technology that enables utilities, campuses and communities to reach clean energy goals by giving grid operators the control they need to manage growing renewables and distributed energy resources.

QuickBOLT • Booth 343
Butyl Bottom Deck Mount

QuickBOLT’s Butyl Bottom Deck Mount requires only four self-tapping screws, minimizing your impact on the roof. Screws included come preassembled with EPDM-backed Sealing Washers for extra water protection. The incredible pullout ratings keep your array secure: 843 lbs deck-mounted or 3,228 lbs rafter-mounted.

REC Group • Booth 3321
The Next Innovation in the Alpha Series

With up to 470 Wp, REC brings its highest power rooftop panel ever to the US. With this newest innovation in the Alpha product series, first introduced in 2019, REC continues to master its advanced heterojunction technology (HJT) to maximize the most power from available rooftop space.

Redflow • Booth 6064
Zinc-bromine flow battery

Redflow offers one of the world’s most compact and scalable zinc-bromine flow batteries — a long-duration energy storage solution that’s environmentally friendly, fully recyclable and manufactured from widely available, low-toxicity materials. Scalable from tens of kilowatt-hours to hundreds of megawatt-hours, Redflow solutions are deployed worldwide, enabling a sustainable, carbon-free future.

RoyPow Technology • Booth 5734
ROYPOW SUN Series – All-in-One Whole-Home RESS

ROYPOW SUN Series is a home energy storage solution with up to 15 kW high power, up to 40 kWh high capacity and high 98.5% efficiency to provide whole-home backup power, shave money off electric bills and maximize the self-utilization rate of power generation.

S-5! • Booth 3335

The S-5! PVKIT HUR is the newest version of the PVKIT solar mounting attachment for metal roofs. It is specifically designed to withstand extremely high wind uplift forces such as hurricane-force winds and is the first metal roof PV mounting system certified to FM4478, FM Approval’s toughest PV Standard.

Scanifly • Booth 2174
Scanifly Design Services

Buried under a design backlog? Scanifly Design Services supports or replaces your in-house design process, reducing time to install by up to 90%. Benefits include: engineering docs in under 48 hours, drone-based measurements for every project and one centralized platform for your survey and design workflow.

Schneider Electric • Booth 5343
Schneider Home

Introducing Schneider Home, a first-of-its-kind home energy management solution. Controlled by a single intuitive app, this innovative solution integrates a home battery for clean energy storage, a high-power solar inverter, a smart electrical panel, electric vehicle charger and connected electric sockets and switches — making homes more efficient and sustainable.

Silfab Solar • Booth 743
Silfab Prime NTC (TOPCon) SIL 420/430 QD

Building on the premium quality and leading-edge technology of all Silfab Solar panels, the Silfab Prime NTC utilizes next-generation n-type TOPCon cell technology, delivering more power and improved efficiency in low light conditions, consistent performance in high temperatures and reduced degradation throughout the lifetime of the panel.

SMA America • Booth 4138
SMA Home Energy Solutions- Sunny Boy Smart Energy

The heart of the new SMA Home Energy Solutions is the Sunny Boy Smart Energy hybrid inverter. This system enables both immediate energy use and storage in one device. SMA Backup Secure provides daytime energy to a dedicated power outlet during grid outages, empowering homeowners to take control of their energy.

Snake Tray • Booth 452
Innovative Solar Cable Management

Solar Snake Max XL for messenger wire or hard rails is a trenchless cable manager for 350-1250 Kcmil cables that maintains NEC 310.15 cable separation to yield up to 30-watt-hours per meter more energy than bundled cables. Cost-effective solution for commercial/utility-grade solar, battery and EV installations. USA made.

SnapNrack • Booth 4755
TopSpeed Mounting System

SnapNrack launched an all-new mounting system, TopSpeed, and it’s changing the way solar is installed. This new system is almost entirely installed on the ground, making it faster, safer and easier for installers. TopSpeed Mounts are attached to the modules before the modules are brought up on the roof.

SolarEdge • Booth 3311
The SolarEdge Bi-Directional EV Charger

Enabling solar-powered Vehicle-to-Home and Vehicle-to-Grid functionalities, the SolarEdge Bi-Directional EV Chargers’ DC-coupled architecture will facilitate charging directly from PV, without unnecessary AC-DC power conversions. It also facilitates the use of PV, battery and grid electricity simultaneously to fast-charge up to 24 kW and leverages excess PV with up to 200% oversizing.

Solar Data Systems/Solar-Log North America • Booth 24093
Hardware-agnostic monitoring and energy management

Solar-Log provides its users with an array of tools and services for comprehensive monitoring, control and energy management of residential, commercial and industrial solar plants. Its suite of offerings includes data loggers, revenue-grade meters and hardware-agnostic software for enhanced analysis of errors and performance, feed-in and surplus management.

Solis Inverters • Booth 4130
S6 hybrid residential energy storage inverter + SolisHub Solution

Flexible whole-home backup has never been easier with the new Solis Hub and S6 hybrid energy storage inverter, which offers a wide range of applications, customizable sizing, EV + generator integration, easy installation and comprehensive monitoring with SolisCloud. Other new products include C&I energy storage solutions and 1,500-V utility-scale inverters.

Sungrow USA • Booth 2530

Maximize your ROI with Sungrow’s latest C&I inverter, the SG200HX-US. This solution offers a range of impressive features, including enhanced grid support, the innovative Q at night function, and an outstanding 12 MPPTs, ensuring optimal efficiency of up to 98.7%. Visit Booth 2530 to check out Sungrow’s robust portfolio.

Sunvoy • Booth 29091
Broadcast: Upsell and retarget your own customers

Sunvoy Broadcast Feature allows for retargeting of your existing solar customers to sell upgrades and adders while boosting profitability. By filtering CRM and inverter data (e.g. inverter, status, communication issues), you can monetize your existing customer relationships for years. Sell service agreements, maintenance and more with Sunvoy!

Tigo Energy • Booth 2664
GO Energy Storage Solution

Tigo Energy GO Energy Storage Solution (ESS) delivers unprecedented flexibility and efficiency for residential solar installations, including module-level optimizers to increase output and design flexibility, storage-ready inverters, modular and compact batteries, transfer switch with generator input enabling whole or select load backup and Energy Intelligence Platform for commissioning and fleet management.

TWAICE • Booth 23042
Battery Analytics

Through TWAICE’s Battery Analytics Platform and simulation models, battery operators receive predictive analytics for battery systems to eliminate health, safety and warranty risks while increasing performance. Visit the booth at RE+ to learn about how the software directly enhances and maximizes the benefits of BESS by generating actionable insights throughout its lifecycle.

Yaskawa Solectria Solar • Booth 925

Introducing the groundbreaking SOLECTRIA XGI 1500-DCG models, a result of Solectria’s collaboration with First Solar. Prevent Potential Induced Degradation (PID) with ease! Designed to work flawlessly with First Solar’s PV modules, these models feature an electrically grounded DC input, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Harness the power of USA-made innovation today.

Zeitview (formerly Dronebase) • Booth 27112
North American Solar Scan

Zeitview has completed the first North American Solar Scan, which included all 1 MW+ solar sites in the U.S. Each site was assigned a three-letter asset rating based on assessment of power loss, module condition and cell temperature. The complete asset condition ratings data will be available for preview.

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