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Drivers still feel the pinch as fuel prices inch lower

Despite a recent decline in fuel prices, drivers are not experiencing significant relief at the pump, according to the latest data from the RAC.

In April, the average price of unleaded petrol dropped by 2.4p per litre, from 150.31p to 147.88p, resulting in a modest saving of about £1.30 per tank.

Diesel prices saw a more substantial decrease of 4.5p per litre, from 158.06p to 153.58p.

Supermarkets, however, have been slower to adjust, reducing petrol prices by only 1.2p and diesel by 3.4p per litre.

The RAC reports a notable gap between wholesale fuel costs and retail prices.

Retailers are maintaining higher-than-average margins, with petrol at a 13p margin per litre and diesel at 16p, compared to the typical 8p margin.

In Northern Ireland, fuel prices are significantly lower, with petrol at 141.4p per litre and diesel at 142.5p.

The RAC is calling on the Competition and Markets Authority to tackle unfair pricing and ensure that drivers benefit from the 5p per litre fuel duty cut.

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