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Eden Project heated by geothermal energy for first time since ’80s

The Eden Project in the UK has used deep geothermal energy to heat its Biomes, offices and a new plant nursery for the first time since 1986.

The five km well, operated by Eden Geothermal, began generating heat in June 2023 and started supplying it as the winter weather set in.

This marks the first operational deep geothermal well in the UK since 1986.

The geothermal energy is expected to save up to 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, nearly eliminating the Eden Project’s reliance on gas, equivalent to the heating needs of 227 UK homes.

This initiative is a significant step towards the Eden Project’s goal of achieving net zero and becoming “climate-positive” by 2030.

The geothermal energy also supports the new plant and education facility, Growing Point.

This nursery and educational hub showcases regenerative sustainability and circular systems in its design and operation.

It uses light, recyclable materials, harvests rainwater and uses geothermal heat for plant growth.

Growing Point is built with materials including rubble from landslips and stone from a rainwater collection pond on-site.

Its construction has an 89% lower embodied carbon impact compared to a glasshouse.

The team can grow and supply food for the menus that feed thousands of visitors each year, focusing on local sourcing rather than long distance transport.

The use of deep geothermal heat enables the Eden Project’s horticulture team to extend the growing season for fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables and to experiment with exotic produce typically imported, such as bananas, papayas, ginger and lemongrass.

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