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EDF acquires solar energy firm

EDF Renewables UK and Ireland have announced their acquisition of SAS Energy, specialists in providing solar technology for the commercial and industrial (C&I) sectors.

As of 15th September, SAS Energy is now a fully owned subsidiary of EDF Renewables UK, bringing along a team of 30 solar experts and a portfolio of over 45 projects in development and construction.

The partnership between EDF Renewables UK and SAS Energy is not new.

Their collaboration recently culminated in the installation of rooftop-mounted solar PV at Safran’s Pitstone manufacturing facility.

The project saw more than 2,100 roof-mounted panels installed, expected to cover an estimated 47% of daytime electricity usage between May and September at the Pitstone site.

Matthieu Hue, Chief Executive Officer of EDF Renewables UK, said: “The acquisition of SAS Energy will allow us to accelerate our growth and build on an already healthy pipeline of projects by benefitting from their experience of successfully installing renewables for commercial clients over many years.

“This is part of the range of investments EDF Renewables UK is making to help British businesses and households cut their carbon emissions and energy bills.”

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