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England has potential to increase clean energy output by 13 times

Researchers have identified promising new locations for onshore wind and solar projects across England, suggesting the country could significantly boost its clean energy output.

According to recent analysis, approximately 374,900 hectares of land, equivalent to 2.9% of England’s total land area, are deemed highly suitable for renewable energy projects.

Areas such as North Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire are highlighted as prime locations for potential development.

Researchers from Exeter University’s Environmental Intelligence Centre and Friends of the Earth have pinpointed 219,800 hectares of land ideal for new onshore wind projects and 295,000 hectares suitable for potential solar sites, with some areas suitable for both.

Tony Bosworth, Climate Campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said: “Unleashing the UK’s immense potential to generate cheap, clean homegrown renewables is essential to bring down our energy bills for good and meeting the UK’s vital international target to reduce carbon emissions by two thirds by 2030.”

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