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Experts urge action against high standing charges

Martin Lewis has highlighted the issue of standing charges in energy bills, urging consumers to take action.

The Founder of Money Saving Expert criticised standing charges, which are fixed fees imposed regardless of energy usage, as akin to an “energy poll tax.”

During his podcast, Mr Lewis underscored the financial burden these charges place on households, amounting to over £300 annually for many.

He also expressed scepticism about political promises to reduce these charges, urging substantive changes to benefit consumers.

Martin Lewis said: “I personally believe it is effectively an energy poll tax, it’s a moral hazard that reduces the impact of reducing your usage on your energy bills because you have these fixed daily standing charges.

“I have been campaigning to get them lowered. Both Labour and Tories have now spoken to me and said if they’re elected they will work to lower standing charges – we’ll see how much they deliver on that.”

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