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Global security linked to net zero: UK announces landmark energy conference

Energy Secretary Grant Shapps has highlighted the interconnected nature of energy security and global stability, unveiling plans for a new conference that will take place next year.

The forthcoming London Energy Security Conference aims to address energy challenges and promote international cooperation to ensure dependable energy sources and enhance overall security.

The conference intends to facilitate in-depth discussions on strategies to bolster energy resilience at both national and international levels.

Participants will explore avenues to accelerate the deployment of robust, sustainable energy infrastructure and encourage technological advancements for greater energy independence.

Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps said: “As history has shown, including more recently with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, global energy security and supply is interconnected. Shockwaves quickly travel around the world and hurt consumers and businesses by sending global prices soaring.

“We acted swiftly to protect the British public, providing unprecedented energy bills support, cutting off all Russian gas supplies and setting out our blueprint for boosting homegrown energy production to power up Britain.

“But energy security does not stop at our borders – our landmark London Energy Security Conference will bring together international governments and industry leaders to help rewire the global energy system and build collective resilience.”

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