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Greens call for urgent zero carbon transition ahead of 2050

The Green Party has released a manifesto outlining their plan to accelerate the UK’s transition to a zero carbon society, aiming to achieve this goal more than a decade before the current target of 2050.

The Greens propose a strategy to ensure a zero carbon electricity supply, transition all cars and vans to electric power, eliminate fossil fuel usage in homes and buildings and shift most industry to clean energy sources.

Elected Greens will push for wind to provide around 70% of the UK’s electricity by 2030.

They plan to deliver 80GW of offshore wind, 53GW of onshore wind, and 100GW of solar power by 2035.

The Greens also advocate for significant investment in energy storage capacity and more efficient electricity distribution systems.

The manifesto emphasises community ownership of energy sources, allowing profits from excess energy sales to benefit local communities.

The Green Party calls for the phasing out of fossil fuels, including cancelling recent licences for fossil fuel extraction projects like Rosebank and halting all new fossil fuel projects in the UK.

They propose removing oil and gas subsidies and introducing a carbon tax on all fossil fuel imports and domestic extraction, based on the greenhouse gas emissions produced when the fuel is burned.

The Greens also advocate for the phase-out of nuclear energy, citing concerns over safety, cost, and the production of radioactive waste and nuclear weapons.

They argue that the development of nuclear power stations is too slow to meet the urgent pace required for climate action.

The Green Party has also committed to public ownership of essential services, arguing that privatisation has failed to deliver adequate infrastructure maintenance.

They propose bringing railways, water companies and the Big 5 retail energy companies into public ownership.

The Green Economic Transformation plan includes a £40 billion annual investment in the green economy during the next Parliament, a carbon tax to eliminate fossil fuels and a £12.4 billion investment in skills and training for workers to support the green transition.

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