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‘It is immoral for us to not pursue technologies like de-extinction’

Ok it had to happen. For dinosaurs, substitute the Dodo and the Mammoth. For a theme park, substitute the more altruistic goal of combatting climate change.

Yep, that’s right. A company called Colossal Biosciences from America is trying to bring back extinct species in a bid to rebalance the natural carbon cycle as well as fight the extinction of endangered species.

Their plan is to create the first Woolly Mammoth since the Ice Age, as co-founder Ben Lamm explained, as he believes the giant elephants reintroduced to the arctic could help stablise the climate.

Sounds like something right out of a sci-fi novel or movie but they are doing the science and believe the first mammoth calf could be born within the next two years.

So is this a vanity science project or real conservation work to help combat our effects on the environment. Listen in and make up your mind, don’t forget to subscribe!

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