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Main parking lot at Six Flags Magic Mountain now covered with 12.37 MW of solar panels

Solar Optimum and DSD Renewables have completed a 12.37-MW solar carport and 1.9-MW energy storage system for Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles.

Credit: Six Flags

“This is a thrilling day for Six Flags as we advance our commitment to environmental stewardship, substantially increasing solar power generation capacity at our parks,” said Jason Freeman, Six Flags Vice President of Operations, Public Safety, Engineering & Maintenance. “Six Flags has placed a high priority on efforts to improve and protect the environment, leading the way for theme park companies around the world and capturing the attention of other private organizations that also have the power to drive solar projects. By partnering with experts like Solar Optimum and DSD Renewables, we can continue to improve our environmental programs with additional waste, water and energy reduction targets and initiatives,” he added.
The solar carport is built over the main guest parking lot, and now the park will be able to offset 100% of its energy usage with solar power.
In addition to the Six Flags Magic Mountain installation, two additional parks — Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Northern California and Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey — have also developed on-site solar capabilities with over 30 MW of fully-operational solar power systems installed.
“We’re honored to partner with Six Flags and Solar Optimum on this solar + storage project through DSD’s Developer Network and commend Six Flags’ commitment to onsite renewables,” said Danielle Fidel, Senior Director, Developer Network at DSD. “Using their parking lot for solar canopies will not only offset 100% of the park’s energy use, it will also provide the added benefit of shaded parking for customers. A win-win for everyone.”
“Six Flags is already an onsite renewables trailblazer, and with this project, they will continue to break records,” said Arno Aghamalian, Solar Optimum CEO and Founder. “We are proud of the partnership we have helped establish between DSD, Six Flags and Solar Optimum, as we add to their portfolio of sites and work to offset all their loads with solar and batteries. As utility prices inevitably increase, these projects reduce costs, decrease their carbon footprint, and ultimately provide more value to the customer with much desired shared. The future of solar has never looked brighter, and we’re excited to lead the change with our trusted partners.”
News item from Six Flags

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