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MPs set to grill energy suppliers over looming winter energy crisis

MPs are gearing up to question key energy suppliers on their preparedness for the impending winter.

The session, held by the Energy Security and Net Zero Committee, will focus on critical issues surrounding energy bills and customer support.

Scheduled for tomorrow, the session will feature two panels.

The first panel will see prominent figures from consumer support organisations, including Adam Scorer, Chief Executive at National Energy Action, Gillian Cooper, Head of Energy at Citizens Advice, Simon Francis, Coordinator at End Fuel Poverty Coalition, Matthew Cole, Head at Fuel Bank Foundation and Roni Marsh, Money and Cost of Living Team Manager at South West London Law Centres.

Following this, the second panel will include top executives from energy companies.

Among them are Chris O’Shea, Chief Executive at Centrica (British Gas), Philippe Commaret, Managing Director of customers at EDF, Simon Oscroft, Co-founder at So Energy, Chris Norbury, Chief Executive at E.ON and Rachel Fletcher, Group Director of Policy and Regulation at Octopus Energy.

The aim of this session is to delve into the challenges faced by consumers in the past winter regarding energy bills and the quality of customer service provided by energy companies.

Additionally, questions will be raised about the support these companies intend to offer their customers.

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