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Scotland cuts red tape for rooftop solar

The solar energy industry in Scotland welcomes the Scottish Government’s decision to eliminate the need for planning permission for rooftop solar panels, previously required for installations exceeding 50 kilowatts.

The removal of planning permission, combined with the elimination of non-domestic rates for rooftop solar last year, is anticipated to simplify access to solar installations.

Under the new regulations, flat roof systems can be installed under permitted development conditions, with certain criteria for solar installations in conservation areas, except for World Heritage sites and listed buildings.

This streamlining of processes is expected to boost the deployment of rooftop solar panels and contribute to Scotland’s climate and solar deployment targets.

Alongside rooftop installations, free-standing solar panels within the curtilage of non-domestic buildings (up to 12 square metres) are now permitted, with relaxed restrictions for solar canopies.

The Chair of Solar Energy Scotland, Thomas McMillan, commented: “With energy costs continuing to be stubbornly high, solar remains one of the most effective ways of reducing the charges of running residential and commercial buildings: this change by the Scottish Government makes the process of installing solar quicker and easier and is warmly welcomed.”

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