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Suppliers should just start somewhere, says supply chain expert

Financial institutions are at the core of the transition to a greener future.

This is what Matteo Deidda, Supply Chains Senior Sustainability Manager at Lloyds Banking Group told us in this week’s Big Zero Briefing episode of the Net Zero Podcast.

‘At Lloyds, we don’t ask our suppliers to do anything that we’re not doing ourselves. The starting point is often the easy one, like installing LED lighting and working towards energy efficiency.

‘And we help guide our suppliers that are just starting out on understanding what the goal may be and how to get there.’

Matteo told us that suppliers should also collaborate with other suppliers to share ideas.

‘Every supplier has got their own challenges but people and organisations usually want to do the right thing. And at times there might be blockers as to why they cannot do it such as the cost, lack of knowledge or they might not know where to look.

‘So we encourage them to share what they’re doing amongst themselves and talk about how they can help each other. As an organisation, we’re really trying to create that sense of a common journey between all our suppliers.

‘And we’re not just asking them to achieve all this stuff, we’re really there to understand what they’re doing, what are they planning and how we can help them.

‘I think that especially when it comes to Scope 3 emissions, everyone is trying to understand what is the best way forward is. Nobody has all the answers and when someone asks, where do I start? I would say just start somewhere.’

Watch the full episode below and if make sure you register for the Big Zero Show before tickets run out!

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