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Surrey Council charges ahead with solar-powered EV hub

Surrey County Council has opened a new solar-powered EV charging hub at Council Depot Centre, Merrow, Guildford, in partnership with 3ti.

The Papilio3 facility supports the council’s move to electric fleets.

Scheduled to be operational for the next three years, the hub is poised to contribute to Surrey’s efforts in reducing emissions and promoting sustainable transport practices.

Paul Wheadon, Strategic Contract Group Manager for the Council’s Highways and Transport Department said: “With charging capacity up to 22kW, multiple operational vehicles (when not in use) can be charged throughout the day, ensuring vehicles remain operational without the need for long dwell times on low-powered charging options.

“As well as the benefit of generating solar power to charge our fleet, the nature of the structure means we have the flexibility to conveniently relocate the unit elsewhere on the site in the future if needed, unlike with other charging solution.”

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