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Will your company be financially secure in a net zero economy?

How will the green economy impact your business? 

Chief Economic Adviser at the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) and Big Zero Show speaker, Vicky Pryce, tells us that financial regulation around sustainability is tightening.  

The financial sector is set to play a crucial role in the net zero economy.  

Investments in green technologies are both necessary and growing rapidly, presenting a significant opportunity for investors.  

At the same time, many older technologies are disappearing, leaving investments in these areas vulnerable.  

Vicky told us: ‘If investments go into areas which are either going to disappear in the future or are not sustainable in themselves, then that creates a big issue for the financial institutions involved, whether they’re the ones that lend or they’re ones that invest in things.’ 

The latest House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee report notes that with changing energy consumption patterns, investments in fossils fuels and other unsustainable assets are at risk of being devalued. Such a change has the potential to cause serious economic instability. 

With over 130 countries, representing 90% of global GDP, having made net zero commitments, it’s important for businesses to invest in the right assets and ensure their own technologies and strategies are in line with sustainability.  

Ultimately, financial institutions must align their investment, lending decisions and regulations with climate change in mind to ensure economic stability and businesses must follow suit.  

Find out how net zero will impact your business and financial decisions at the Big Zero Show. Register below to secure your spot. 

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