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Yorkshire Water invests £60m in wastewater infrastructure

Yorkshire Water has revealed plans for a £60 million project aimed at enhancing water quality in the River Wharfe at Ilkley.

The initiative includes upgrades to wastewater treatment facilities and storm overflows, along with the construction of a new tunnel for treated wastewater transport.

The investment, scheduled to begin in the Summer and slated for completion by 2026, aims to reduce storm overflow discharges.

Additionally, as part of its smart networks project, Yorkshire Water intends to install 150 leaky water butts in selected areas to mitigate surface water flow into the sewer network.

Nicola Shaw, Chief Executive Officer of Yorkshire Water, said: “We have made significant investments in our network in the Ilkley catchment in recent years to improve water quality as we work to improve the bathing water classification.

“If approved, this project will take our total investment in infrastructure in the area to more than £75 million and will be a step change in how we manage wastewater in Ilkley.

“Once upgrades to the network are completed, the treatment works and our new wetland, which will be completed in 2026, will meet government targets of one discharge per bathing water season nine years ahead of the 2035 deadline.”

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