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2024 Maserati Quattroporte EV To Rival Taycan, Model S Plaid

More details about the upcoming Maserati Quattroporte EV have emerged. Due in 2024, the electric Quattroporte will be marginally smaller than the ICE version it will replace. Maserati CEO Davide Grasso recently told UK outlet AutoCar that the Quattroporte EV will a a “disruptive design project” that is still “unmistakably a Maserati”.

Although Grasso isn’t giving much away, expect similar design language to the new Granturismo and Grecale. The Quattroporte EV should start in the region of $150-175k, with Grasso hoping to move Maserati away from the mainstream executive segment and into premium luxury. When quizzed on Maserati’s new pricing strategy, he had the following to say (via AutoCar):

“We’re making the choice of not doing that. As a luxury brand, you want to choose what not to do, and then you choose what to do. This is not where I’m going to play. We are not for everybody. We are for those that are willing to pay a premium to have a unique performance and luxury experience.” 

The Quattroporte EV will reportedly be based on the STLA Medium platform, which can accommodate over 1,000 hp. Hence rumors of a top-of-the-line Trofeo version with a four-figure power output have emerged. Expect the electric Quattroporte to have over 300 miles of range and AWD as standard.

As for a launch date, we reckon the electric Quattroporte will be revealed in Q4 of this year with first deliveries in early-mid 2024. It’s unclear if Maserati will sell a traditionally powered Quattroporte alongside the BEV variant. However, it seems there’s a good chance the Italian marque will. After all, the brand still offers a combustion engine Granturismo and hybrid Grecale alongside their electrified counterparts.

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