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BMW And French E-Bike Firm Angell Team Up To Produce Mini Electric Bicycles

BMW is no stranger to the world of two wheels. Apart from its motorcycle division, BMW Motorrad, which has some of the most premium and best-performing motorbikes in the world, the brand has also dabbled in electric mobility in the form of electric bicycles. The company shows no signs of slowing down, as it recently joined forces with French e-bike label Angell Mobility to produce electric bikes under the Mini brand. 

This is indeed timely, as Mini has been ramping up the electrification initiatives with its cars. We recently saw an undisguised car which is more than likely the upcoming Mini Cooper EV SE. What better way to complement the cute, lifestyle-focused car than with an equally lifestyle-focused electric bicycle?

Now, Angell Mobility is a relatively new player in the world of electric bikes, with just three years under its belt. The brand has, however, made headlines on numerous occasions thanks to its unique designs and impressive performance – this is perhaps why they were a candidate for a partnership with one of the most established automakers in the world. Partnership with Mini notwithstanding, the brand is working on expanding its distribution all across Europe, while at the same time adding more models to its catalog. 

In a report published by Bike Europe, Stefani Wurst, head of Mini explained that the partnership with Angell Mobility is part of the brand’s strategy of moving towards all-electric. “The success of Mini’s electric-powered models confirms the brand’s strategy to move toward all-electric. In addition, Mini’s focus on sustainability and a minimal environmental footprint is attracting more and more customers.” Indeed, a lot of car and motorcycle companies – Porsche, Rivian, Ducati, and Yamaha, to name a few – have been venturing into the e-bike space, hinging on the growing popularity of the segment. 

At present, little is known about the upcoming models to be produced from the Mini x Angell Mobility partnership. However, we can expect them to be road-focused urban models with practicality and style in mind. As is the case with BMW’s e-bikes, we can surely expect to see cutting-edge technology, such as geofencing, multiple ride modes, and smartphone integration baked in, as well. 

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