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BMW And German Bike Maker Cube Present The Trike Hybrid E-Trike

Electric trikes have put a whole new spin on the practicality and utility offered by the good old electric bicycle. Thanks to an extra wheel, the rider need not worry about balancing, and as such, much more cargo can be carried. There have been a number of new electric three-wheelers in recent years, and yet another one from a popular brand by the name of Cube is set to hit the market soon. 

Cube’s Trike Hybrid, as it’s called, was co-developed by none other than automotive icon BMW. It’s set to make its way to the market under two variants – Family and Cargo. Both versions share the same platform, and incorporate an interesting tilting technology patented by Cube. This way, the bike remains stable when tackling corners, while the cargo bay at the back remains upright. On top of that, it provides riders the natural feeling of riding a two-wheeled bicycle. 

On the performance side of things, the Trike Hybrid is rocking a Bosch Cargo Line Gen 4 motor mated to a 750-watt-hour PowerTube. In total, the system dishes out up to 85 Newton-meters of torque, which means that it should be more than capable of hauling up to 220 kilograms of cargo. Meanwhile, the Kiox 300 display, positioned conveniently at the handlebar, serves as the central hub for relaying all assistance-related information. Additionally, Bosch’s LED remote takes charge of navigating through your ride data and establishing a connection to the eBike Flow smartphone app.

In terms of availability, Cube is set to gradually release the model range within 2023. The first model, the Trike Family Hybrid, will be launched very soon in colors consisting of Flash White and Swamp Gray. Meanwhile, the Family Hybrid in a Blue’N’Reflex colorway, as well as the Trike Cargo, are set to be launched later on in 2023. As for pricing, the brand announced that the model range will carry a price tag ranging from £6,499 ($8,147 USD) to £6,999 ($8,774 USD). 

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