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Bosch Rolls Out Major Updates To Its eBike Flow Smartphone App

Bosch is by far one of the biggest pioneers of e-bike tech. With a variety of e-bike systems which are leaders in their respective categories, Bosch also has other accessories, such as ABS and e-bike-focused apps, that offer riders a completely connected riding experience.

Bosch has updated its eBike Flow smartphone application significantly. The key feature of this version is the improved navigation capabilities. This new feature allows cyclists to get voice-guided turn-by-turn directions or signal alerts via brief tones, reducing the need for riders to continually check the app display and allowing them to focus on the road or trail. This is especially useful when maneuvering through traffic to ensure that the rider remains alert. Also, users can listen to the audio output by using their smartphone as a speaker.

Other updates to the app’s user interface have been added, as well. For example, the new Dark Map is particularly useful when riding at night, as it gives users a high-contrast display, making data more visible. Opting for a dark color scheme can facilitate riders in navigating more efficiently during low light conditions. In addition, choosing a darker color scheme reduces the amount of battery consumption on your smartphone, prolonging its life.

A lot of riders who run Bosch e-bike technology also run the Kiox 300 display. For some high-end e-bikes, the Kiox 300 comes as standard equipment. Along with the updates to the mobile app, the Kiox 300 now displays the entire route – as is the case with a standard GPS – rather than just direct navigation. 

Another interesting update to the Flow app is personalized route planning. The app now learns riders’ preferred routes, and adjusts estimated route times depending on each rider’s speed and riding style. This results in much more precise arrival times, allowing riders to better plan their trips. Additionally, the system now integrates user ratings, allowing riders to provide feedback to help make the system even better in future updates. 

The benefit of having an integrated e-bike system goes beyond just route planning. E-bikes equipped with Bosch’s Connect module also feature real-time tracking, allowing riders to keep tabs of their bikes at any given time. This is particularly useful for folks who easily forget where they’ve parked, as well as in the unfortunate event of theft. Lastly, sporty riders are now treated to a revised ride screen on the eBike Flow app. The updated app now displays the current cadence, altitude, and performance.

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