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Cake Launches Bukk Production Enduro With Öhlins And WP Suspension Options

If you’ve been wondering when or if Cake would release a production version of its striking Bukk enduro bike, we have some exciting news for you. On April 25, 2023, Cake introduced the full production of the Bukk as the newest member to its electric motorbike lineup. It comes out of the box with a high degree of customizability, directly from Cake—including some sweet suspension options you’ll want to check out. 

The first thing to know is that the Cake Bukk is available in two base versions to suit your licensing needs. The Bukk Super Light tops out at 13 kilowatts (about 17.4 horsepower) and is suitable for riders with an A1 license. If you have an A2 license, you can choose the Bukk Power Light, which maxes out at 16 kW (about 21.4 hp). Those licensing tiers only apply for on-road use in countries that use them, of course—if you’re elsewhere in the world, or you’re only riding off-road, then this information isn’t applicable. 

The Bukk Super Light uses the new Jante motor, which makes a claimed 366 newton-meters (about 270 pound-feet) of torque at the rear wheel. It also has a zero to 28 mile per hour time of 2.57 seconds. Top speed on this bike is 50 miles per hour. Choose the Bukk Power Light instead (also equipped with the Jante), and claimed torque is 456 newton-meters (about 336.3 lb-ft) at the rear wheel, with a zero to 28 mph time of 2.15 seconds. Top speed on the Power Light is given as 56 mph.  

It’s worth noting here that Cake’s range, speed, and power figures are not its own estimations, but are results from the European homologation test, WMTC-II, which is performed in a controlled environment and may therefore differ in actual use. As with all OEMs, real-world usage may vary from these claims. 

The battery is a 40 amp-hour, 2.9 kilowatt-hour unit, which can either be charged on the bike or hot-swapped with a fresh one so riders can keep going. The battery turns off when it’s removed from the bike, as an automatic safety feature. It also carries an IP67 rating, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet when you’re out exploring. (You still probably shouldn’t jump all the way in the lake with it, though.) If the connector is similar to the one on the Cake Ösa that I tested in 2022, it needs to be fully seated on the battery to ensure full protection if you get wet. 

As for charging, like other Cake bikes, the Bukk’s battery charges from a standard wall outlet that you might find anywhere. With the 110-volt outlets we have in the US, it can go from zero to 100 percent of a full charge in two and three-quarter hours. Zero to 80 percent of charge is achieved in about an hour and 55 minutes. Range is listed at up to three hours of trail/enduro riding, or around 53 miles of mixed enduro riding. As with all electric vehicles, a variety of factors can and will impact your range, including head or tailwinds, how hard you’re riding for how long, and so on. 

That information is all well and good to have, but the thing that really sets the Bukk apart is its configurability for your off-road and/or dual-sport needs. Do you only want an off-road bike, without things like lights, turn signals, and mirrors? No problem. Would you prefer a street-legal version with all the lights, signals, and mirrors required for your geographic region? Also no problem. Cake is happy to configure your Bukk Super Light or Power Light to fit either circumstance. 

Of course, a good enduro bike isn’t much without a suspension that’s up to the task. That’s why Cake also allows riders to configure the Bukk with a number of suspension options. Choose from an RB/Formula kit, an Öhlins/WP XACT Pro kit (Öhlins up front, WP XACT Pro in the rear), or a full WP XACT Pro kit. 

Standard brake system on the Bukk consists of Formula disc brakes with four-piston calipers. You get a single 240mm brake disc up front, and a 220mm one in the rear. Both the front and rear brakes are actuated using hand levers on the Bukk. The wheels are a forged and CNC aluminum construction, with a 19-inch wheel up front and an 18-inch wheel in the rear. 

The Cake Bukk also gets three ride modes, which are completely rider configurable using the Cake Connect app, which the company says is now available for both iOS and Android as of April 2023. Additional customization (power, brake sensitivity, traction control) can be accessed if you upgrade to the advanced bike settings option available in the Cake Connect app at an additional charge. (DLC for bikes, everyone’s doing it!) 

Depending on how you configure your Cake Bukk (street legal or not), the weight will vary between 152 and 165 pounds (not including the battery). The battery weighs 44 pounds on its own, so total bike weight with a battery installed ranges between 196 and 209 pounds. Wheelbase is 53.5 inches, ground clearance is 13.7 inches, and seat height is 38 inches. 

When it comes to pricing, Cake kept it simple for the US and Europe. It starts in both markets at either $10,270 or €10,270 for the Bukk Super Light, and $11,070 for the Bukk Power Light. The base Bukks are configured as off-road machines, but you can add the street legal kit for an additional $700. They come equipped with the RB/Formula suspension as standard, but you can upgrade to either the Öhlins/WP XACT Pro kit or the full WP XACT Pro kit for an additional $3,200. Throw in advanced bike settings via the Cake Connect app, and that’s an additional $200. 

If you’re interested in obtaining a Cake Bukk, they’re available directly via the Cake website as of April 25, 2023. Delivery is slated to begin in July 2023. 

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