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Check Out Midnight Cherry Red Tesla Model Y In Europe: 4K Videos

Tesla’s second new Model Y premium multi-layered paint color – Midnight Cherry Red – finally has arrived in Europe.

It was announced together with Quicksilver in October 2022, and recently Tesla started series production and deliveries. We saw the first vehicle shipments in March.

Let’s recall that both the Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red are only available on the Tesla Model Y produced at Tesla Giga Berlin-Brandenburg plant in Grünheide, near Berlin in Germany (for Europe and the Middle East), where the company installed “the most-advanced paint shop”.

In Germany, there are five color options to choose from:

  • Pearl White Multi-Coat – standard
  • Solid Black – $1,345 (€1,200)
  • Quicksilver – $3,363 (€3,000)
  • Deep Blue Metallic – $1,793 (€1,600)
  • Midnight Cherry Red – $3,587 (€3,200)

As we can see, Tesla’s customers and enthusiasts already captured and published multiple videos presenting the Midnight Cherry Red Tesla Model Y, which really looks very attractive – especially with the dark wheels and no chrome elements (the Model Y, and later Model 3, were the first blacked-out Tesla models).

According to the reports, the paint color looks darker in person than in the images, but its perception vastly depends on the light and angle – in some cases, it might remind you of almost black.

By the way, the close-up videos also allow us to see that there seems to be no issue with the panel gaps, which in the past used to be one of the first things to check in new Teslas.

The first video below shows us the car in motion, in a parking lot:

[embedded content]

In a showroom:

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

And again, a 4K video in a parking lot:

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

The author of the last video below noted “it seems the color is slightly brighter on video than in real life:”

[embedded content]


For those who are also interested in the Tesla Model Y Quicksilver, here is a quick look at the car as well:

[embedded content]

We are eagerly waiting when Tesla will introduce some new colors also in other markets, because so far the offer was quite limited to basic options.

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