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Chrysler Airflow Is Reportedly Dead, Replaced By New “More Modern” Concept

The Chrysler Airflow is dead. Despite multiple iterations of the concept, many of which looked like production-ready models for Chrysler’s first electric vehicle, it will not go on sale. Instead, Chrysler will launch a new large crossover in its place, potentially as early as 2025. 

According to an article by MotorTrend, the decision came from Chrysler CEO Chris Feuell, who wanted a new, more modern vehicle that makes a statement. To that end, she seems willing to cast out everything to take the company in a new direction. has contacted Chrysler to confirm this information and will provide an update if one is available. 

Stellantis’ chief design officer Ralph Gilles called the Airflow “A great exercise to signal again the type of vehicle Chrysler might want to do.” The concept, created on the RU platform shared with the Chrysler Pacifica, was well received, but according to Gilles, the new crossover “blew the doors off,” leaving his team “stoked” about the new vehicle.   

The new crossover is expected to share some of the Airflow’s aesthetics but have an updated design with more technologically advanced features. It will also leverage many of Stellantis’ existing EV technology, including offering 400 and 800-volt systems for fast charging and different range options. After years of dormancy, Chrysler seems intent on repositioning itself as a first adopter of new technology. Aiming for what it calls “harmony in motion,” which combines technology, sustainability, and improved functionality.

The Chrysler Airflow was first announced in 2021 and debuted at CES in 2022. The concept was thought to be close to production, something that was reinforced by its debut at the New York Auto Show with an updated look and a special Airflow Graphite concept. 

Chrysler entered 2023 with just two models in its stable. In addition to the Chrysler Pacifica, the Chrysler 300 enters its final year before taking its leave in 2024. After 2024, the Pacifica will soldier on alone until the launch of a new large EV crossover. Chrysler is also rumored to be planning an electric successor to the 300, but so far has only teased some information to dealers. 

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