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Fiido Unleashes The C21 And C22 Pro Electric Gravel Bikes

Lightweight electric mobility aficionados will certainly be familiar with the brand Fiido. For quite some time now, the Chinese label has been building its presence in the global market with its assortment of electric scooters and folding e-bikes. We recently reported that the brand had a variety of new models in the pipeline. Well now, two of these models have officially been unveiled: the C21 and C22 Pro e-gravel bikes. 

The technical specs and equipment of these two versions are comparable, but the key difference lies in the frame configuration. The Fiido C21 Pro features a higher top tube, giving it a more athletic and sporty geometry. This indicates the bike is intended to be ridden in a more aggressive and performance-oriented manner. The larger top tube also provides the bike a more streamlined appearance, giving the bike an air of athleticism.

The C22 Pro, on the other hand, features a trapezoid-shaped frame. Its design makes it simpler for riders to get on and off the bike, especially for shorter riders who may struggle to reach the top of the C21 Pro’s top tube owing to its taller standover height. Its design also lends the bike a more classic and conventional appearance, which may appeal to riders who want a more relaxed and laid-back style.

In terms of technology, the bikes include a 250-watt motor in the rear wheel hub that is controlled by a torque sensor. Mivice, the firm behind the device, claims that it gives a very natural pedal feel. This is because torque sensors are known to be far superior to basic cadence sensors in this regard, as they fine tune power delivery according to the rider’s inputs. Both the C21 and C22 versions have a top speed of 22 miles per hour in the US market. However, if these bikes were to be marketed in Europe, the top speed would have to be limited to 15 miles per hour in order to comply with European e-bike rules.

The gravel e-bike has an aluminum frame that is lightweight, and there’s no bulky battery taking up space, allowing the bike to retain its streamlined silhouette. The C21 Pro variant is little larger and weighs 18 kilograms, but the C22 Pro is slightly smaller and lighter, weighing 17.5 kilos. Because of the 210-watt-hour battery, Fiido claims an 80-kilometer (50-mile) range on a single charge. Nevertheless, if you need to travel further, these e-bikes can be equipped with a range extender.

The electric gravel bikes also offer some added functions. Hydraulic disc brakes, adaptive headlights, and a digital IPS display are among the features. Furthermore, they include a 9-speed drivetrain that works in tandem with the motor to make pedaling easier. There are also five degrees of pedal assistance to allow users more control over the amount of power they want from the e-bike.

In terms of pricing and availability, the two bikes come at a low entry-level price of $1,399 USD, making them among the most affordable models from a reputable manufacturer. What’s even better is that Lite versions of the two models are expected to be released soon, both of which expected to carry a retail price of just $999 USD. 

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