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Fisker Pear EV Delayed To 2025, Will Cost Less Than $35,000

Fisker, the maker of the recently launched Ocean SUV, said that its second series production model has been delayed to “some time in the first half of 2025,” when it will be introduced at a higher price than originally intended.

During the Financial Times Future of the Car conference, the company’s CEO Henrik Fisker said that the upcoming Pear EV (which stands for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution) will cost less than 28,000 GBP (roughly $35,000) when it goes on sale in the United Kingdom.

“Our next vehicle will start probably under £28,000, and it will be quite radical,” Fisker said, quoted by Autocar. “In fact, it’s so radical that we actually have to make some new production methods.”

The California-based EV startup initially said that the Pear will have a starting price of $29,900 and that production will start in 2024 at the Foxconn-owned factory in Ohio where the Lordstown Endurance electric pickup is currently being made.

Speaking at the Financial Times event, Fisker’s CEO said that the company’s second model will come in two battery variants, one aimed at city-based customers offering between 100-150 miles of range and another with over 300 miles of range.

“In two years, you will see people realizing they don’t need that [big a] range, specifically if they have a second car,” Fisker said. “But it doesn’t work today. There’s a few cars out there that have a 100-150 mile range and aren’t selling.

I do think [an attitude shift is] going to happen in two years. So with the Pear, we will offer a small battery for those.

Let’s say you have a second car and you live in London: you don’t need more than maybe 100-150 miles of range. But at this point in time, to become competitive, we need a long range.”

The CEO that’s known for designing the BMW Z8 and Fisker Karma added that the delayed Pear EV will use a dedicated steel chassis designed to have 25 percent fewer parts than a conventional platform, as well as a bare-bones interior with “zero moving parts.”

“We don’t have the typical center console that you can open up and the typical glove compartment, and all these types of things,” he said.

According to Fisker, more than 6,000 reservations have been made for the Pear EV.

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