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Ford Three-Row Electric SUV Coming In 2025 With 350 Miles Of Range

Earlier this month, Ford Motor Company CEO Jim Farley announced that the company plans to produce a seven-seat electric SUV. 

He said that while the two-row SUV market will be saturated soon, a three-row SUV is a great idea that can differentiate Ford’s Model e EV business unit in markets where such vehicles are popular, i.e. North America.

More details have now emerged about Ford’s three-row electric SUV, seemingly from an event the automaker is currently holding. Automotive News‘ Michael Martinez has posted a tweet from the event, accompanied by two photos. 

The tweet reads, “Doug Field sharing some new details on Ford EVs. Says a 3-row family SUV is coming in 2025 with a 350-mile range. He likened it to an Expedition.” For context, Doug Field is Ford Motor Company’s chief advanced product development and technology officer.

One of the photos shows how the third rows will be laid out, revealing a traditional 2+3+2 arrangement with the third row of seats positioned right above the rear axle in a higher position than the previous two rows to ensure better visibility for the rearmost passengers.


Ford’s timing is quite interesting because Cadillac announced today that the first all-electric Escalade IQ will be launching next year. While Ford is not a luxury brand, it’s not hard to imagine a Lincoln Navigator EV coming as a luxed-up variant of the Ford model.

No other details about Ford’s upcoming three-row electric SUV have transpired so far, but it’s worth noting that the market for such a vehicle is rather small at the moment. 

Currently available models include the Tesla Model X, Rivian R1S, and Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV – to name only the roomiest ones. Other three-row electric SUVs that have already been unveiled but will launch later include the Kia EV9 and Volvo EX90.

Now, it’s worth noting that the Tesla Model Y and Mercedes-Benz EQB also offer a third-row option, but with limited space for adults. 

Back to the tweet, the second photo shows two vehicles that are covered up, the one on the right looking like a pickup truck. Is this the first teaser of Ford’s next-generation truck, currently known as Project T3? That’s highly likely considering the body shape and the fact it is scheduled to debut in 2025, just like the (presumably) three-row SUV pictured alongside it.

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