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Ford To Offer EVs In New Region Next Year, Expects Impressive Demand

As Ford ramps up its global electric vehicle portfolio, it reportedly plans to introduce its EVs in the Middle East Gulf Region next year. The US Big Three automaker anticipates impressive demand and sales success in the area as it launches its future lineup.

According to recent news published by Bloomberg, Ford’s Middle East managing director Chris Noel said the automaker will launch its first EVs in six Persian Gulf area countries in 2024. Following the initial efforts, the US carmaker intends to expand further into the Middle East. 

Electrek notes that Ford has quickly risen to gain status as the current, second-most-successful EV maker in the US of late. The company sold an impressive 61,000 electric cars on our shores in 2022, and sales continue to impress in 2023. However, in order to become a true EV leader with a goal of overtaking Tesla, the Blue Oval brand will need to improve its global EV reach.

Ford just recently revealed its upcoming Explorer Electric SUV, which the automaker aims to offer in European markets that have already been readily adopting EVs for many years now. On the heels of that news, Ford’s Noel told Bloomberg that the Middle East is a very important region, and he expects the company’s launch there to play out quite well. He shared:

“We’ve seen adoption rates in some of the Middle East markets exceed the growth curve that the industry data had projected. Israel is already at 10% for battery electric vehicles.”

The US automaker’s Middle East managing director went on to add that the key to ensuring successful EV adoption in the Gulf Region will be the expansion of charging infrastructure. He made it clear that it will require the assistance and participation of both the public and the private sector in the Middle East countries to get the EV charging network to where it needs to be.

If all goes as planned, Noah anticipates that more than 10% of all vehicles in the Gulf area will be electric by 2028, if not sooner. However, in addition to the lofty goals for charging infrastructure, EV batteries are also a concern. Ford CEO Jim Farley noted that production remains limited by battery constraints, and Noel agreed, stating that the manufacturing capacity simply isn’t there yet.

That said, Ford should eventually have the batteries it needs, as it’s currently working on its BlueOval City complex, which will feature three EV battery factories and an electric car assembly plant.

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