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France Invests Two Billion Euros On New Bike-Focused Initiatives

We’re well aware of the massive benefits bicycling has brought to the numerous towns and cities across Asia and Europe. Particularly useful in the highly urbanized metropolitan areas, riding bicycles – be it electric or otherwise – comes with a multitude of benefits ranging from personal wellbeing, to lower expenses, to environmental and sustainability benefits. 

That being said, it’s not at all surprising that in Europe, more and more countries are pushing for the adoption of pedal power. Case in point: France. One of the most aggressive when it comes to the regulation of internal-combustion vehicles, and likewise one of the most eager to push for the adoption of active mobility, the country has recently announced a massive investment of two billion Euros specifically to encourage more and more people to hit the road on their bikes, instead of their cars. 

Not too long ago, in September 2022, France invested 250 million Euros towards cycling-focused initiatives. Now, with an addition two-billion-Euro injection, the country has laid out its proposed plans towards the increased adoption of cycling. For starters, the French government has confirmed that it will be providing subsidies and bonuses for people who purchase bicycles and electric bicycles. Said bonuses will be offered until 2027, at such time the project is targeted to be complete. 

“Over the duration of the plan, the active mobility fund will be made permanent to the tune of 1.25 billion euros, i.e. 250 million euros per year to accelerate the development of cycling facilities throughout France,” the French government underlined in a press release. 

Apart from the bicycle subsidies, there’s a lot planned in the way of infrastructure, too. At present, France already has a total of 57,000 kilometers (35,625 miles) of cycle paths. By 2027, the government hopes to be able to provide 80,000 kilometers (50,000 miles), and by 2030, a whopping 100,000 kilometers (62,000 miles) of bike paths in the country. On top of that, up to 90,000 secure bike parking locations are eyed by 2027. For reference, there are currently 30,000 in operation. 

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