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Garmin Updates Varia System With E-Bike Connectivity

Garmin is one of the best brands when it comes to professional GPS technologies. With a wide selection of products designed to satisfy the needs of folks from all walks of life, Garmin’s repertoire includes products designed for aviation, marine, outdoor recreation, and fitness. In the world of cycling, Garmin’s technology plays a vital role in the fitness monitoring and training of some of the top cyclists. 

Meanwhile, in the world of electric bicycles, Garmin also plays a big role with its slew of safety-focused products, one of which has been optimized to work specifically with modern e-bikes. Some of you may be familiar with the Varia rear radar system. This device acts as a blind spot monitoring system which alerts the rider of approaching vehicles from behind. The previous iteration of this was battery-powered, so it could be used on both electric and non-electric bikes. While standard cyclists can still enjoy this device, Garmin has released a new e-bike specific version to make life more convenient for e-bikers.

The new Varia rear radar system specific to e-bikes no longer has a built-in battery. Instead, it taps directly to the power source of the e-bike, giving riders one less thing to charge. In terms of its technology, it’s just the same as the previous version. It’s capable of providing alerts of vehicles approaching up to 137 meters behind. This should give cyclists ample time to move over to the side in order to avoid potential accidents. On top of all that, the integrated LED light at the back is visible up to a mile away in daylight, and can be toggled to a flashing pattern to improve visibility. 

In terms of installation, Garmin has all types of e-bikes in mind. The Varia eRTL615 will be compatible with all types of saddles, as well as rear racks or panniers. It pairs with Garmin smartwatches, Edge cycling computers, and smartphones with the Garmin app installed. In terms of pricing and availability, the Varia eRTL615 is now available on Garmin’s online retail platform for $299.99 USD. 

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