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Gazelle Launches A New Range Of Automatic Transmission E-Bikes

Dutch e-bike specialist is known for its urban-focused city commuters packing premium features and technology. To further add to its commuter appeal, the brand has released a range of new step-through electric bikes that place an emphasis on practical and convenient commuting. 

The new models consist of the Avignon C380 HMB, the Arroyo C5, the Ultimate C380, and Ultimate T10. All four of these bikes follow essentially the same formula in that they’re simple, city-focused, and versatile. All bikes come with a step-through frame, but the Ultimate T10 can be purchased in a more traditional step-over frame. That being said, beneath the surface, all four bikes are pretty much packing the same hardware.

For starters, the e-bikes from Gazelle are powered by Bosch Performance Line motors with an output of 75 Newton-meters. Power is sent to the back wheel via a premium Gates Carbon belt drive. Across the board, you’ll find a plethora of equipment designed for convenient around-town duty such as cargo racks and built-in lights. Complementing the impressive hardware package meanwhile is smartphone integration via Bosch’s Smart System which allows riders access to features like GPS, anti-theft, and many more. 

Another notable feature that’s central to the bikes’ convenience-focused approach is the integration of an automatic gearbox. The stepless hub works similarly to a CVT in that it offers riders a virtually infinite amount of gear ratios, ensuring optimum efficiency and performance on all sorts of terrain. 

In terms of pricing and availability, Gazelle’s models occupy the middle of the road when it comes to commuter e-bikes. Across the four models, prices range from $3,999 to $4,999. The Avignon C380, Ultimate C380, and Ultimate T10 are expected to hit stores in April, 2023, while the Arroyo C5 is expected to drop towards the end of May, 2023. 

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