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Jeep Wrangler Magneto 3.0 EV Concept Packs 650 Horsepower For Effortless Off-Roading

Jeep unveiled its lineup of special vehicles designed specifically for this year’s Easter Jeep Safari and among them, there’s an all-electric, Wrangler-based concept named Magneto 3.0

As the name suggests, it’s the third version of the vehicle, with the first one being unveiled back in 2021, when it featured a custom-built axial flux electric motor capable of operating at up to 6,000 rpm and tuned to deliver up to 285 horsepower and 273 pound-feet (370 Newton-meters) of torque.

It also had a six-speed manual transmission and four-wheel drive, making it quite capable on rough trails. But it wasn’t enough, so one year later the peak amperage of the propulsion system was updated to 600 amps, which upped the peak torque to a massive 850 lb-ft (1,152 Nm) and the power to 625 hp.

For 2023, the Jeep Wrangler Magneto Concept was again improved, with more power and torque (650 hp and 900 lb-ft or 1,220 Nm), as well as three new driver-selectable functions.

First, the person behind the wheel can choose between two power settings: standard (285 hp and 273 lb-ft/370 Nm) and maximum, which unleashes everything the electric motor has to give.

Then, there is a two-stage power regeneration mode which can either be turned off or set in the enhanced position that uses the electric motor for brake regen.

And finally, the Jeep Wrangler Magneto 3.0 concept has an aggressive hill-descent mode that can be selected in low-range mode to enable true “one pedal” off-road driving in tough rock-crawling scenarios.

Jeep’s electric two-door show car has a Dynatrack 60 axle in the front and a Dynatrack 80 in the rear, 20-inch off-road beadlock wheels, 40-inch mud-terrain tires, and a custom 3-inch (7.6-centimeter) lift. Additionally, the door opening has been modified and swept back an additional six inches (15 cm), and a new B-pillar was moved rearward 2.3 in (6 cm) from stock to make room for a custom anti-roll bar.

Moreover, the windshield has been raked back 12 degrees for a “chopped roof” look and the exterior paint scheme was updated with more vibrant details and additional red accents, while inside the front seats have been re-trimmed in blue leather and adorned with red accent stitching. At the same time, the rear seats have been removed.

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