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More Than 13,000 US Hotels Getting EV Charging Stations

LNG Electric has announced that it will launch EV charging stations at over 13,000 hotels in the US. The company also plans to install units in more than 40 multifamily community areas. With all of this complete, as soon as 2028, LNG Electric stands to become one of the top three owners and operators of electric car charging stations in the country.

We often stress the need for a boost to US EV charging infrastructure, and for good reason. Electric cars are catching on, and people may not continue to buy them if they can’t take them on road trips. Plus, not everyone will have the luxury to charge at home. This means public DC fast charging must be a top priority. However, it’s almost as important for EV owners to have a place to charge their cars once they reach their destinations.

According to Electrek, LNG Electric will partner with MD7, a digital infrastructure consulting company, to deploy not only Level 2 charging stations, but also DC fast charging solutions at a multitude of US locations between now and 2028. President of MD7 Michael Fraunces shared:

“We support [LNG Electric’s] mission to provide affordable EV grid access to more people than ever before, and we can’t wait for what’s next.”

LNG Electric is based out of Boston, Massachusetts, and is also a minority-owned startup company. Moreover, it distributes Enel X Way EV home and commercial charging stations.

Its plans to launch the 13,000 new charging stations will cover a five- to six-year time period. The company is set to begin the rollout this month with Level 2 charging installations. Later, it will add the DC fast charging stations to the mix.

The first LNG Electric EV chargers will be launched at Marriott and Hilton hotel locations in Florida, Illinois, and Ohio. The company’s end goal is to be the owner-operator of a charging network that encompasses an impressive 10 to 15% of the entire US hospitality segment.

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