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New ADO Air E-Bike Is A Lightweight, Tech-Laden City Commuter

ADO Bikes is a bicycle brand that’s been around for some time now. The label has developed a presence in the e-bike segment, and is available in multiple markets in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. Its newest model, the Air, is designed as a capable city slicker with an emphasis on convenience. To achieve this, ADO has designed it to be as light as possible, while still stuffing it with loads of modern tech. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The ADO Air boasts of being the “lightest and smartest” electric bicycle in ADO’s lineup. As suggested by its name, the bike is markedly lighter than other city e-bikes, and indeed, with a weight of just 16 kilograms, the Air is light enough to be carried up and down a flight of stairs with one hand. Apart from its lightweight, the ADO Air is more than willing to be stuffed into the back of a car or in the bus or train, thanks to its easily foldable frame. 

From a technology standpoint, the Air is equipped with some respectable componentry from some well-known brands in the business. For starters, Samsung supplies the battery, which is a 36-volt, 9.6-ampere-hour battery pack claimed to offer up to 62 miles on a single charge. The battery pack powers a hub-mounted electric motor also from Samsung. Rated at 250 watts for the European model, and 350 watts for the U.S. version, the system incorporates a torque sensor ensuring smooth and seamless pedal assistance. 

Furthemore, a pair of hydraulic disc brakes bring the bike to a stop, while a carbon belt drive system transfers pedal power to the rear wheel in a smooth and quiet fashion. Last but not least, the Air features a full-color display, making it easy for the rider to toggle between ride modes and view pertinent data such as battery status, range, and even navigation. 

With all those specs on the table, it’s understandable that the ADO Air isn’t the cheapest bike of the bunch. Retailing for the equivalent of $2,100 USD, it commands a premium, but it surely hopes to make up for it with its lightweight construction, premium features, and convenience. 

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