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New OKGO Smart E-Bike Boasts Futuristic Style And Tech

The technology we find in e-bikes continues to evolve, and recently, we’ve seen electric bicycles that are just as much IoT devices as they are e-mobility devices. Nowadays, e-bikes incorporate tech features we could only dream of a decade or so ago. Indeed, gadgets like GPS, full-color displays, WiFi integration, and even voice commands are found in e-bikes of today.

For example, a new e-bike by OKGO, an e-mobility startup, was showcased at the Taipei Cycle show, and it flaunts all these tech features and more. It’s simply called the Smart E-Bike, and it’s currently a working prototype from the company who hopes to bring it to the market in the near future. Before we dive into the tech, let’s first take a closer look at its platform. 

The Taiwanese company has gone for a rather unique approach when it came to designing the Smart E-Bike. It has a full-suspension frame made entirely out of carbon fiber, but strangely, lacks any sort of rear suspension. Chances are that the bike will have a suspension fork when it’s released in its final form, but for now, we get a rather odd rigid-forked, suspension frame-equipped e-bike.

When it comes to technology, the Smart E-Bike is equipped with a striking handlebar-integrated display. Dubbed the Smart Bike Display, the rider is able to access all of the bike’s features via the large touch-screen interface. Data such as current speed, distance traveled, navigation, and ride modes are all accessible with the touch of the screen. Even better, for riders who wish to keep their hands on the bars, the system even recognizes voice commands. 

The sophisticated Smart Bike Display also serves as a safety feature for the Smart E-Bike. It’s equipped with a blind spot monitoring system that alerts the rider of vehicles approaching from behind. Up front, the display gets an LED headlight with built-in turn signals. These work hand in hand with a tail light mounted on the seatpost. The entire system is connected to the internet via 4G, and as such, is capable of providing remote access, monitoring, real-time location, and even over-the-air software updates. 

All these features are cool and will certainly catch the fancy of tech-savvy e-bike enthusiasts. That being said, OKGO has yet to finalize the technical side of the bike, such as what e-bike system it’ll be using, as well as the battery type and capacity. We’ll surely keep a close eye on this promising design, so be sure to check back for updates in the near future. 

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