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Ride1Up Lets You Ride Two-Up With The New Rift E-Bike

Ride1Up is one of those brands who has been making quite a good impression in the e-bike scene. Occupying the budget-friendly space, Ride1Up’s bikes aren’t all that big on performance as far as bike-focused bling is concerned. But they do bring a sense of utility and performance anyone looking to boost their pedal-powered escapades could surely appreciate. 

We’ve covered quite a few of Ride1Up’s model releases before. This time around, the San Diego-based company has released yet another electric bike in the form of the Rift. What makes the Rift special is the fact that it can go anywhere, and pretty much carry anything – including a passenger. Yes, thanks to its ultra-rugged frame, you can install a passenger kit that lets you haul around a second adult. Up front, meanwhile, you can add a luggage rack to carry your essentials. 

Diving right into the technical details, the Ride1Up rift features an aluminum frame. It offers the choice between step-through or step-over frame configurations, allowing riders to find their perfect fit. The 26×4-inch Kenda fatbike tires provide a smooth and confident ride, effortlessly gliding over various terrains. With a 120-millimeter suspension fork, this e-bike ensures a comfortable and controlled experience even on uneven surfaces.

The convenience factor is elevated with its rear luggage rack, capable of carrying an impressive load of up to 68 kilograms. Additionally, the full-coverage fenders not only protect against splashes but also add a rugged touch to its design. To enhance safety, the Ride1Up Rift e-bike is equipped with built-in lights at the front and rear, ensuring visibility during day or night rides.

The Ride1Up Rift e-bike is not only visually appealing but also delivers impressive performance. Powering this burly machine is a punchy hub motor with an impressive peak output of 750 watts. Furthermore, this motor boasts a torque rating of 95 newton-meters. With its built-in thumb throttle, the e-bike can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, while the pedal-assist mode allows for a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour. In terms of battery tech, the Rift is equipped with a 960-watt-hour battery pack. This high-capacity battery ensures a dependable range, covering approximately 45 to 60 miles depending on load and terrain.

In terms of pricing, the Ride1Up Rift is competitively priced at $1,900, making it an accessible option in the e-bike market. Additionally, the optional passenger kit is available at an additional cost of $125 USD, further enhancing the bike’s versatility. To match your personal style, the Ride1Up Rift e-bike is offered in three appealing color options. You can choose from the classic and nature-inspired Forest Green, the pristine Arctic White, or the sleek Graphite Gray. 

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